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My Little Happiness is a Chinese drama that airs on the Tencent video network every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The duration of each episode is approximately 45 minutes. The drama has a total of 28 episodes from January 13, 2021 to January 27, 2021. Having topped the charts in 2021, is a drama that is much talked about and famous not only in China but all over Asia. Even on the popularity index pole, we saw how popular this drama has been. My little happiness is also known by names like Wo De Xiao Que Xing, Lucky Little, You are My Little Luck. This drama is adapted from the novel “My Little Happiness” by writer Dong Benxi Gu. So this is a drama based on the same name and is a romantic comedy directed by Yang Long and starring Fair Xing and Daddi Tang.

My Little Happiness season 2 release date

The release date for My Little Happiness season 2 has yet to be announced, but considering the show’s popularity, there is a good chance that the hit drama will return to air. The drama’s early season has 28 episodes in which the story focuses on the life of the main character. Fair Xing played the role of Wen Shao Qing.

The story revolves around these two characters. Cong Rong’s mother wanted her to study abroad and was determined to do so, she wouldn’t take no as an answer, but Cong Rong was determined to become a lawyer and had dreamed of being like that for a long time Cong Rong’s mother took her abroad as well in the end. but secretly running back to pursue his dream. Her mother keeps thinking she’s out of the country, but secretly she returns to work as a legal apprentice. In his legal team handling his first case, he faced his childhood friend Weh Shao Qing who is now a surgeon. But Shao Qing was not only a client at Cong Rong but also his owner and neighbor. Despite trying their best to avoid each other, they fall into a trap of love for each other, as they end up being made together by fate.

An overview of the episode: –

In episode 1, we saw Cong Rong’s mother wanted her to stay in Australia to thrive. he made a fool of his mother and went on to intern in China. In her job role, she is paired with a doctor-patient dispute, which is no different from miscellaneous affairs. Cong Rong found a place to stay with Zhong Zhen’s help. Fate determines the two together, and Cong Rong is left in the case of Wen Shao Qing.

In episode 2, we saw that Cong Rong and Wong Shao Qing had a past together since they were little. But Won Shao Qing realized that either Cong Rong didn’t remember it or that their past memories together remained tight-lipped about it. We also get to see some cute and unexpected romance blooming between the two main characters.

In episode 3, we saw how Cong Rong finished his legal report and passed it on to Wen Shao Qing. Next, we saw Cong Rong suddenly find out that she was a topic of discussion at the hospital because her photos sleeping on Shao Qing’s shoulder accidentally leaked and caused a rumor.

In episode 4, we take a look at the revelations that Cong Rong’s mother discovered that she was in her country all this time. Later, Cong Rong fell into trouble and was saved by Wen Shao Qing. Police arrived at the scene and arrested the culprit.

In episode 5, we saw Cong Rong upset about the way she was treated by her colleagues ever since they pulled her down because of her pending case. Then after drinking a lot of alcohol, she felt relieved and happy to see Wen Shao Qing looking for her and finally hugged her tightly.

In episode 6, we saw that Cong Rong had an accident and Wen Shao Qing was worried about him; Cong Rong had to have an MRI scan. Everything was fine after that, but Wen Shao Qing couldn’t leave the unwell Cong Rong alone and forced her to stay with him so that he could observe her condition well. Next, we saw Cong Ring asking Wen Shao Qing if she liked him, he answered positively and kissed her. The next morning he woke up thinking it might be a dream.

In episode 7, we see Cong Rong worried and complaining about being less important to Shao Qing in her apartment since she left on business without telling him. To her astonishment, she didn’t notice the man came back and heard what he had to say.

In episode 8, we saw Shao Qing participate in a contest where she won with Chen and got to pose for a group photo, making Cong Rong feel like they look great together. The prize money from the contest is used for later beach trips.

In episode 9, we saw Cong Rong being exposed in front of her mother when she found out about it in hospital while she was supposed to be in Australia. Her mother collapsed and was saved by Wen Shao Qing.

In episode 10, we see Cong Rong going on a blind date to meet his “fat” childhood schoolmate with whom he split many years ago. But it turned out that the fat was none other than Wen Shao Qing, and they ended up happily in each other’s arms, kissing each other.

In episode 11 wee watched Cong Rong’s mother getting ready to leave her daughter’s apartment and tidy things up when suddenly she found a contract for an internship. He didn’t want him to become a lawyer because his father passed away in the same profession. But he was convinced by Wen Shao Qing later.

In episode 12, we saw Cong Rong and Shao Qing having a sweet argument with each other because Cong Rong didn’t want to get into a relationship right away and wanted to focus more on the internship.

In episode 13, we saw Cong Rong’s test and were excited to tell Shao Qing. He hugged her immediately initiating the kiss, which was seen by her mother, who was reassured that she was with the right man and he was in safe hands. Then, because of work, she had to cancel her date with Shao Qing.

In episode 14, we saw that Shengguan’s lawyer was interested in Cong Rong. But the whole episode was very happy because Shao Qing surprised him and they spent too much quality time together.

In episode 15, we saw romance develop between the two main characters. On the other hand, gossip had also started circulating ever since Shengguan started to be gentle with Cong Rong, who was not very temperamental.

In episode 16, jealousy circulated everywhere, with Shengguan starting to like Cong Rong and with Chen Chen finding it hard to accept that he had been rejected. Having no clue of this, the two love birds are still in awe of each other.

In episode 17, Shangguan became sick and was treated by Cong Rong, who took him to the hospital and even finished all his work while working overtime.

In episode 18, we see Shao Qing being jealous of the fact that Cong Rong took care of Shangguan himself and even made his porridge.

In episode 19, we saw the two of them still bickering and insisting on their own opinions. Then Shao Qing got into a small accident and made Cong Rong worry about her.

In episode 20, we saw them reunite after their first fight. After that, Shao Qing got into a fight, and Cong Rong ended up helping her with the bailout.

In episode 21, we saw Shao Qing experiencing an escalation from the hospital for a month and being bored at home, not knowing what to do without Cong Rong.

In episode 22, This relates to the official family gathering where Cong Rong introduced Shao Qing to his father and mother and spent a good day with him, saving him from loneliness because he was away from work.

In episode 23, Cong Rong ended up getting hurt in the hustle and bustle of the law firm.

In episode 24, Shao Qing looked for Cong Rong when she was in pain after being injured and ended up taking care of her carefully.

In episode 25, Cong Rong and Shao Qing’s romance develops when they shop hand in hand after the luggage is removed under Shao Qing’s name, and they celebrate together.

In episode 26, natural disasters occur and disrupt normal life. Volunteers Shao Qing for a rescue mission and leaves.

In episode 27, we see how even Cong Rong volunteers to serve the people affected by the earthquake. Shao Qing showed great work and received praise.

In episode 28, that the last episode of an amazing drama, we can see a happy ending; they finally got married and lived happily ever after. We can even catch a glimpse of the twins Cong Rong and Shao Qing, who will see the light of the world.

Cast: –

my little happiness

Fair Xing and Daddi Tang

As for the cast, Fair Xing has played the female lead to play the role of Cong Rong, Daddi Tang has played the main protagonist to play the role of Wen Shao Qing, U. Lin Huang is seen playing Zhou Cheng Cheng, and Leon Li as Weg Rang. As for the supporting cast, Fu Wei Lun played Cong Ron’s cousin Zhong Zhong, Liu Chang as Cong Rong’s senior named Shang Guan Yi. Wang Mo Han as Xion Jing Jing, Zhang Yuan Yuan as Lawyer Xu, Luo Chen Shu as Lucy, Deng Yu Li as Qin Chu, Chang Long as Chen Cu, Yang An Qi as San Bao, Sun Le Tian as Director Yan, Cui Yi as Cong Rong’s mother, Sookie Pan as Jiang Yao.
As for the guest role, we see Liu Wei Long as Xiao Lu playing the role of Chen Cheng’s ex-girlfriend in episodes 3 and 4. Wang Chao as patient son Zhang Han as Cheng Cheng’s mother, Gao Guo as Cheng Cheng’s father, Wang Qing as Zhong Zhen’s mother, Xu Zheng Yun as Shao Qing’s grandfather, Stephen Guo as Cheng Cheng’s friend, and Sandy Yu as Shao Qings’ mother. The entire drama’s direction was carried out under Yang Long and the producer was Li Er Yun. The screenwriters are Lui Fei and Lui Chen Guang.

Fair Xing

Fair Xing

Fair Xing is a famous actress who was born in China on October 1, 1994. Fair Xing has been in the industry since 1997, when she first appeared as a guest on the TV show Happy Camp. After completing his education, he entered the industry. His famous drama, Master Debil Do Not Kiss Me, increased his fan base and earned him recognition. The series was a huge hit and even added a second season to it. So far, she has appeared in several TV shows and dramas, My Little Happiness, Put Your Shoulder On my Shoulder, Miracle Healer being her best dramas.

Daddy Tang

Daddi Tang

Daddi Tang, who played the lead role in My Little Happiness, is a well-known Chinese actor and model. He was born in China on June 2, 1991. Daddi Tang made his acting debut sometime later in 2017 and has worked mostly in dramas since then. His drama Put Your Head On My Shoulder is one of the hits to date, followed by My little Happiness and The Sword and The Brocade. Until now, he has only appeared on one of the TV shows called Race The World. Her chemistry with Fair Xing has been loved and appreciated by audiences all over Asia. Upcoming Daddi Tang projects include Broker; My Wife Is A Thief and a Teen Song.

The place to watch My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness can be watched easily on the original network which is the Tencent video, only it is also available on Viki and WeTv.

The final episode of My Little Happiness will air on January 27, 2021. Seeing the success of the first season, the creators may be making season 2 soon.

What to expect from season 2 of My Little Happiness

In season 2, we can hope that the story will continue from where it went, showing life after marriage with kids and work-life balance, or the storyline can turn into a new beginning with the same cast and crew. As soon as we get an official notification you’ll see it updated here, so stay tuned and let us know your review are you excited for season 2 or not?

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