My Hero Academia Chapter 311: Preview and Recap


My Hero Academia Chapter 311 will not be released next week due to the manga’s weekly break. We will look at the chapter entitled Materials and Students. In an unknown city, residents panic when they see monsters appear in the middle of a rainstorm. They started attacking the giant woman. The woman tells them they misunderstood her, and she tells them to stop fighting with her. He begged them to stop because he meant no harm and he didn’t do anything.

One of the villagers who was carrying a gun commented that he was trying to be nice to make them drop the gun, and he would then attack them. The girls say that’s not what they think. The man fired a large explosion, but an unidentified man warded off the attack and protected the giant woman. After the huge explosion, the smoke cleared, and the man who saved the giant woman was Izuku. Izuku told the woman to calm down because she was afraid of thunder and rain. He told the residents that the woman was not a threat, and they said he shouldn’t wander around in the dark looking like that.

My Hero Academia Chapter 310 Highlights & Spoilers

The giant woman reveals that she was left behind while they were being evacuated. He also said he decided to go into hiding and wait for things to end, but he was scared when he saw people getting hurt. He decides to go to the Hero School to hide there, and the citizens start attacking him, thinking that he is a monster. Izuku comments that everyone is scared, but he wonders if the weather will change. He tells her he has some assignments to attend to. But he left the woman safely after clearing the misunderstanding.

When Izuku was about to leave, All Might arrived, and she asked him to protect the kady. All Might asked her if she was okay, and she said yes. Izuku said that he couldn’t stay too long. All Might threw her food container at Izuku and told her to take it. He comments that there is a Tonkatsu there to keep Izuku up.

One For All’s Realm

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Izyku thanks All Might, who told him to eat it before it turned stale. Then Deku stands on top of the building and comments that they have returned to darker days. Izuku communicates with the One For All users who tell him about the past. He realized that The League, They Nomu, Dabi, All For One, and Shigaraki were nowhere to be found. Bosses don’t have the energy to properly follow up with escaped prisoners, and the investigation has no direction.

All For Ones’s Quirk has changed to Shigaraki. Izuku realized that Tomura was too strong for them to defeat him even with the help of Endeavor and Aizawa Sensei. One For All user tells Deku that the world is picking out criminals. Izuku thought that he could stop everything by releasing the full power of One For All. He commented that “Now be nice to you two, you hate working with our successors.” In One For All Ream before Izuki woke up, his successors had a meeting.

They say Izuku needs their help to unleash his full power. The first user told the others that they were his heroes and that they had to help Izuku. The users talked about how Izuku fights his enemies and how he behaves One For All. They decide to help her use One For All at their fullest. At this moment, the user’s shadow appeared around Izuku’s body. He ate the food All Might gave him as he prepared for the next step.

My Hero Academia 311 Release Date and Where to Read It Online?

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 will be out on Sunday, 9 May April 2021. The manga is releasing new chapters every Sunday. Find out how Deku’s fight with Muscular ends My Hero Academia Chapter 310 released on Sunday. Those are the updates and highlights that we successfully offer. You can read My Hero Academia for free officially at THAT IS and Shueisha Manga plus.


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