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My First Girlfriend Is a Gal or Hajimete no Gyaru is an anime based on the manga series of the same name by Meguru Ueno. The manga series was published in Kadokawa Shonen’s Monthly Shonen Ace. It started back in November 2015 and to date, the manga has amassed twelve tankobon volumes. An anime adaptation for the same was produced by Studio NAZ which aired in July 2017. Since the anime ended at its 10th episode in September 2017, fans have been looking forward to season 2. In this article, we will cover everything we know. so far about My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2.

Season 1 of the anime ended in September 2017. During its broadcast, the anime developed considerable popularity. Therefore, even though more than 3 years have passed, fans are still waiting for the anime’s update. The fact is that despite that, the anime was quite popular among some people, it didn’t suit everyone so it was rated low on various platforms.

My First Girlfriend was Gal Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Girls in My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 1 – NAZ credit

Even the representatives from the anime studio, Naz, and mangaka have kept their mouths shut about this matter as well. If we look at the end of season 1, the anime keeps the story in a place that seems to have closed at the same time has a cliffhanger. Considering, the answer to cliffhanger is not given in the OVA that will be released later, it looks like there is still room for Season 2.

About Manga

At the time of the production of Season 1, My First Girlfriend is a Gal had 5 manga volumes. Given that the anime is an adaptation of the manga, the studio has almost spent the manga chapter until then. So, it’s understandable that the NAZ studio has no plans for Season 2 at the time of Season 1. However, after its release in 2017, the last few years have seen a manga that has seven more volumes. Therefore, the issue of insufficient source material for anime has been resolved. The manga’s 12th volume comes out on January 26, 2021. It seems to be a good sign that if the studio was planning for Season 2, there was more than enough content produced for the same season.

My First Girlfriend was Gal Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

My First Girlfriend was the Cover of Manga Gal Volume 12

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My First Girlfriend is Gal Season 2 Release Date?

Given that Season 2 has yet to be announced, we can only speculate on a possible release date. My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 1 premiered on July 12, 2017 which ran for a total of 10 episodes until September 13, 2021. There was even an OVA released for the same on December 26, 2021. As stated above, if the studio was to plan the season second, there is more than enough source content for adaptation. At the moment, it looks like the anime won’t be released. And if so, considering how much time a season will take for anime production, we can speculate the release date for My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2 will be around Fall 2022.

My First Girlfriend was the Season 1 Plot Gal

Yukana Yame and Junichi Hashiba – NAZ credit

Junichi Hashiba is a high school boy who regrets his belief for not having a girlfriend. Her longing for her boyfriend only increased after seeing that all her other friends could easily get into relationships. When he was a virgin, Junichi was often teased by his friends. But one day his single friends force Junichi to admit to being the most attractive girl in school. Yukana Yame, who was often called Gal, could easily decode Junichi’s intentions. He could feel her urge to date for all the superficial reasons. Even so, with his curiosity, Yukana and Junichi were surprised to accept his proposal.

Yukana becomes Junichi’s girlfriend and the two start dating and this news spreads throughout the school. The whole school started to pay attention to this and Junichi started to get attention from the girls around him. These were girls who had known Junichi or Yukana for quite some time. Three of them are, Junichi’s childhood neighbor and friend Nene Fujinoki, Yukana Ranko Honjo’s girl friend and Junichi’s class representative, school Madonna, Yui Kashi. Even so, the next high school life will never be the same for Junichi.

Where’s Watching My First Girlfriend Is Season 1 Gal?

My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 1 is available to stream Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime-Planet, Amazon Prime video, AnimeLab, Microsoft Store, and Apple TV.

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