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Netflix has never backed down to provide us with some great content. Every release is worth watching and leaves an unforgettable impression on our minds. And Moxie’s new Netflix film is no exception. This film tells the story of a shy 16 year old girl who is disgusted by sexism at her school. And after being Inspired by her mother’s rebellious past. He published Zine anonymously and cited sexism in his school. This film has been ranked highly in the ranks of the most watched films. And now the audience wants to see even more and wants to know, will there be a Moxie 2?

will there be a Moxie 2?

Still From Moxie

Moxie is an American comedy drama film in 2021. Amy Poehler is the director of this film. Tamara Chestna and Dylan Meyer are the screenwriters for this film. And the film’s story is inspired by the novel of the same name. This novel was written by Jennifer Mathieu. The cast includes Hadley Robinson, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Lauren Tsai, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nico Hiraga, Sydney Park, Josephine Langford, Clark Gregg, Ike Barinholtz, Poehler, as well as Marcia Gay Harden. The film will be released on March 3, 2021 by Netflix. However, the film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Production of this film began in early February 2019. The director and screenwriter of the film were also announced at the same time. The producer of this film is Paper Kite Productions, and Netflix will be the distributor. The film has also topped the top 10 most-watched film charts on Netflix.


This film is based on a young and talented girl Vivian. She is a shy 16 year old teenager who always chooses to keep her head down and be an invisible girl in the crowd. But this didn’t continue with the arrival of a new girl. This new change forced him to examine his classmates’ uncontrollable behavior. His classmates spread rumors about the new girl. He wanted to help this new girl and also monitor the sexist behavior that prevailed on the school campus. So, after being inspired by her mother’s rebellious past, she decided to do something about this.

Dan published an underground zine called Moxie anonymously, to expose the biases and mistakes that occurred in his high school. He unconsciously started a revolution at school, and in the midst of this, he also came into contact with new girls and women at his school. Who later turns out to be a friend for life.

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Will there be Moxie 2?

Will there be Moxie 2?

Footage from the Moxie Movie

After the successful release of Moxie, audiences are now excited to find out what happens next in the film, and there is a question on every audience’s mind. Will there be Moxie 2? To this, Park, who played Kiera Pascal in the film, said that “We have put ideas in Amy’s ears.” He also said that “I love these people. We’re really good friends, “he told PureWow. “We became very close, and I am very lucky to be working on a project where the players are very talented. So, I wish we could do more miracles, be it a series or Moxie 2. We’re trying. “

And Robinson has also confirmed that the entire cast is “open to the idea.” He also mentioned that “We said, ‘What is that? Are these girls in college? Are they in New York living their life? ‘We all question what it looks like. “Robinson has also made some predictions and also hinted at us the story if the second half arrives. He said, “I understand [Vivian] get into journalism, actually, and live in New York and know who he is, ”he also said. “I think he will keep in touch with all his friends too. I think this is a lifelong friendship he made at school. “

But none of this has yet been confirmed. And the decision to make Moxie 2 still hangs. But we hope to see more of this story as well as the cast. And it seemed inevitable that the cast agreed with this idea.

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