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The Korean Drama Rat is an ongoing Korean drama. This drama gained its hype slowly after its episode was released. This drama is very different and fresh. This drama is broadcast on tvN and VIKI. The series is directed by Choi Joon Bae, Kang Cheol Woo. Screenwriting was handled by Choi Ran. This drama is about the life of Jung Ba-Reum (Lee Seung-Gi). He is a novice police officer who works at a police station. Ba Reum is an honest and loyal cop. He is someone who works to provide justice to sufferers. The police went through a murder conspiracy by a psychopath. The case is under Ba Reum, and he has to find the culprit. This murder took over the entire nation and terrified everyone.

This drama shows murder and the fear of being killed. This is one of those dark dramas, one that everyone doesn’t like. The drama is also available on Viu and IQiyi in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. It is 18+ dramas because it shows violence and can be mentally torturous for some. The drama will premiere on March 3, 2021, and will air on May 6, 2021. The drama can also be watched on various online platforms.

This series is also known as Mauseu. The genre of this series revolves around Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Crime and Investigation. This drama can be rated 8 till now, looking at 6 episodes as it is quite an intense and interesting drama. This drama has about 20 episodes, so it’s one long drama to watch. This drama has a broadcast time of 1 hour 25 minutes.

Korean Drama Cast Star Mouse

Mouse Korean Drama is this year’s k Drama which is ongoing. This drama is a suspense murder conspiracy. Actors and actresses who starred in the drama include Lee Seung Gi as Jung Ba Reum, Lee Hee Joon as Ko Moo Chi, Park Joo Hyun as Oh Bong Yi, and Kyung Soo Jin as Choi Hong Joo. They are all the main cast of dramas because this drama revolves around them.

Other characters who support the plot with his outstanding acting are Kwon Hwa Woon as Sung Yo Han, Ahn Jae Wook as Han Seo Jun, Kim Jung Nan as Sung Ji Eun, Woo Ji Hyun as Koo Dong Goo, Lee Seo Joon as Na Chi Kook. [Friend], Ahn Nae Sang as Park Du Seok, Hyun Bong Shik as Bok Ho Nam, Yoon Seo Hyun as Kang Ki Hyeok, Pyo Ji Hoon as Detective Shin, Kim Young Jae as Ko Moo Won, Kim Young Ok as [Bong Yi’s grandmother], Jo Jae Yoon as Daniel Lee, Kim Kang Hoon as Jae Hoon, Son Woo Hyun as Kim Joon Seong, and Seon Ah Rin as Jo Mi Jung. They all played major supporting roles in the drama. They have provided the basis for the drama’s plot.

The drama also has several guest roles. It was played by several famous artists such as Jung Suk Yong as [Detective] (Ep1), Kim Kyul as [Jae Hoon’s father] (Ep 1), Kim Dong Ha as Jae Min (Ep 1), Ahn Seo Yeona as Jae Hee (Ep1), Jung Ae Ri as Choi Young Shin (Ep. 1), Yoo Ha Bok as Shin Sung Min [Assembly chairman] (Ep1), Min Eung Shik as Shin Jae Hyung (Ep1), Park Yong as Kim Ji Wan (Ep 1), Yoon Bok Sung as Jung Joong Suk (Ep. 1), Lee Ja Ryung as Kim Woo Sun (Ep 1) , Sung Chan Ho as [Government official] (Ep1), Seo Jung Yeon as [Moo Chi’s mother] (Ep 1), Jung Kang Hee as [Moo Chi’s father] (Ep 1), Jo Yeon Ho as Ko Moo Won [Young] (Ep 1), Song Min Jae as Ko Moo Chi [Young] (Ep1).

Jang Eui Don as Lawyer Hwang (Ep 1), Han Chang Hyun as [Government employee] (Ep1), Lee Eon Jung as [Ba Reum’s mother] (Ep1), Kang Chan Yang as [Nurse] (Ep1), Kim Mi Hye as [Jae Hoon’s teacher] (Ep 1), Shin Ha Young as Song Soo Jung (Ep. 1), Kim Min Kyung as Oh Mi Soon [Soo Jung’s mother] (Ep 1-2), Seo Woo Jin (Ep1), and Park So Yi as Choi Hong Joo [Young] (Ep 1). Seo Dong Hyun as Ko Moo Chi [Young] (Ep. 2), Joo Ye Rim as Oh Bong Yi [Young] (Ep 2), Bae Sung Il as [Detective] (Ep. 2-3), Song Boo Geon as Song Soo Ho (Ep2), Yoo Yong as [Sisters killer] (Ep. 2), Im Yu Ran as [Witness] (Ep 2), Song In Seop as [Prison doctor] (Ep2), Chun Jung Ha as [Chi Kook’s mother] (Ep 2-3).

Jung Eun Pyo as Kang Duk Soo (Ep. 2-3), Kwak Min Ho as [Prisoner] (Ep 3), Kim Ro Sa as [Student’s mother] (Ep. 3), Baek Jae Woo (Ep 3), Park Eun Young as [Staffing agency woman] (Ep. 3-4), Kim Ha Eon as Kim Han Kook (Ep 3-4), Park Jae Wan as [Police commissioner] (Ep. 4), Appreciate Man Remember as [Han Kook’s mother] (Ep 4-5), Jo Wan Ki as Reporter Yang (Ep. 4-5).

Park Ki Ryung as [OBN News chief] (Ep4-5), Kang Suk Won as [Talk show guest] (Ep. 4), Oh Ji Young as [Talk show guest] (Ep 4), Jang Jae Kwon as [Talk show guest] (Ep. 4), Uhm Hye Soo as [Police officer] (Ep 5), Kim Joo Ah as [Orphanage employee] (Ep. 5), Kim Bo Ra Na as [Hostess bar manager] (Ep 5), Kang Ro Chae as [Hostess bar worker] (Ep5), Kim Hyo Kyung as Byun Min Ji (Ep 5), Kim Young Joo as [Staff] (Ep. 5), Choi Yi Sun as [Motorcycle deliveryman] (Ep 5), Lee Jae Eun as [Dong Goo’s mother], Kang Mal Geum as [Ba Reum’s aunt], Lee Do Hyung as [Ba Reum’s uncle], Byun Yoon Jeong as Mrs. Oh (Ep5), and Kim Yeon Hee as [Grocery store employee] (Episode 5).

The list of other guests will be updated after another episode will be released. This is a list of guest characters for 5 episodes.

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Synopsis of Korean Drama Mouse

Mouse’s drama revolves around a suspense plot. Tells the story of a psychopathic killer who kills people who believe in god. He wanted to be higher than God. He is a serial killer who goes crazy and kills innocent people. This makes people afraid, and they are afraid to step outside. It’s about a policeman who is also honest and loyal. He was given the challenge to catch the criminal. Jung Ba Reum comes face to face with the killer. He saw a complete change in life before his eyes. This is to see how criminals will be caught and how many innocent people will have to lose their lives. This is the rat race to reach cheese first.

Korean Drama Release Date Rat Episode 7

Mouse Episode 7 Release Date

Mouse Episode 7 will be released on March 24, 2021. The drama will stream on tvN’s official channel and will be released on Viki as well. All the drama about the rat race who catches who. It revolves around a psychopathic killer who kills people and a police officer who is in charge of the case. This drama is one of the most different dramas with several different concepts.

Episode 6 Summary: Korean Drama Rat

The drama Mouse episode 6 starts with Mu-Won’s death. This was quite a shock, and at that moment, Jae Hoon was introducing who was angry and cursed God. The scene confirmed one thing that whoever was once a murderer in the city. After this scene, Bong Yi enters the church and sees himself face to face with the killer. He tries to run away, but the killer knocks him out. Just as he was about to kill her by stabbing a knife, the police arrived at the scene, and the girl was saved. The killer fled the scene. Bong Yi is taken to an ambulance. Ba Reum arrives at the scene and smells mint there, and he immediately sets off to catch the killer. Yo Han was watching him from afar.

After this, Mu Chi walks into the church and sees Mu Won dead. A three minute video was released by the killer. The video shows Han Wook because he is someone who doesn’t get jealous or jealous easily. After the news broke, Mu Chi and Bong Yi were both in the hospital. There is one more clue about the killer, namely that he uses his left hand. After this scene, Mu Chi was discharged from the hospital, and it was seen how he felt sorry for himself. After this, a video was released again in which the killer was seen mocking Mu Chi and also challenging the detectives that if they couldn’t catch him in 3 days, he would kill Han Kook. Mu Chi visits the household office, where he finds out that Bong Yi’s grandmother was there before.

Episode 6 Summary

He traces his cue and brings it to Ji Eun. She asked him about household chores. She starts acting suspiciously, and at that moment, Mu Chi realizes that she is the wife of the criminal father and her son is Yo Han. He then called the station and confirmed this. Mu chi the discovered that another crime was taking place. This will take place in Joon Sung Ho, who is Yo Hans’s friend. Mu chi believes that the killer is Yo Han and rushes to catch him. There he entered the house without a warrant even after being stopped by his colleagues. He then found a shoe with blood on it. Also, he talks to detective Shin and asks him to provide a search warrant. He begs her for Yo Han’s place. After this, Hong Ji arrived at the scene and hugged Yo Han at his home.

He assures her to explain everything later. The search warrant is approved, and Yo Han’s house will be confiscated after 30 minutes is confirmed by Mu Chi. Yo Han gets some intuition about something that is going to go wrong, and he then picks up pieces of evidence and starts running away. On his way, he was stopped by a driver who hit his car. This also caused the police to arrive at the scene.

At the same time, Mu Chi finds out that the shoes don’t match Daniel or the other victims who are in the hospital. The warrant proposal was rejected because the evidence did not work the same. Yo Han has no proof, and there are clothes in it. Following this, Mu Chi looked at him with fierce eyes and gritted his teeth. She points gun at him. After he couldn’t find anything, Yo Han was released.

Episode reviews

Detective Shin takes over the task of following the man. Following him lead the team to an abandoned church. After this, there were witnesses that Yo Han burned documents incriminating him. Yo Han returns home and talks to his mother and tells him that this time he is the killer. As he tells it, a DNA report arrives, and it is discovered that the shoes actually belonged to Bong-Yi’s grandmother. Ba Reum hears the news, and he lets Bong Yi stay where he is. He immediately searches Yo Han’s basement, where he sees a photo of Ba Reum and Bong Yi.

The incident is over, and Ba Reum escapes just before the police search begins. Bong Yi sees a shadow indicating that the killer is near. After this, Ba Reum appeared, and he led her to the roof. When he promised to catch the killer and asked him to run away.

As he was running, he bumped into Mu Chi, who was coming in a taxi. Changing this, Ba Reum and Yo Han stood face to face. Yo Han overpowered Ba Reum when Mu Chi shot the man. The two men were sent to the emergency center because they were both badly injured. The episode ends with Ba Reum regaining consciousness and finding Bong Yi in the cage where he is sitting. After this, he took it out and broke the bird’s neck. After this, he threw his neck out the window.

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