Mouse Episode 15 Recap: Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) is a Psychopath?

Episode 15 of Kdrama Mouse just debuted, and the fans are still not ready to accept the reality of the show. The show leadership will turn out to be the culprit, and crime is not what we think. If you still haven’t seen the latest episode – Warning: Spoilers ahead. But, if you haven’t seen it Mouse episode 15, what are you doing?

This new episode surprised us with the most unexpected twist, and to be honest, we can’t wait for the new episode to arrive. Moreover, the latest episode was also released a little later than the usual schedule. It caused chaos among the fans. However, tvN made sure to apologize and clear the confusion.

Mouse episode 15

The mouse is a South Korean thriller and mystery television series. With 15 episodes released, the show is even better than ever. Especially now, as it is making its way to the finals, this show will debut in March 2021 and will end in May 2021. This show was created by Jinnie Choi and tvN Network. Choi Ran (Black, Iljimae) wrote the show. At the same time, Choi Joon Bae (Come and Hug Me) and Kang Cheol Woo (My Secret Romance) leads the thriller series.

This show is approaching its climax. However, there are still certain factors that make viewers surprised. What will happen in the new episode after the newest episode? Get all the answers below.

Mouse Episode 15 – Ba Reum, The True Villain?

This new episode introduces us to the real psychopath and how he’s been hiding from all of us from day one. It turns out that our honest and passionate officer, Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), is 99% psychopath. His memory returns after meeting a friend in the past, and now we can easily connect the dots.

Her hidden identity was lifted after something triggered her brain, and all her memories returned. Jung Ba Reum has been a predator from the very beginning, even before he met Go Mu Chi (Lee Hee Joon). It is revealed that Ba Reum stabbed his friend, Nam chi Kook (Lee Seo Joon), and he cried guiltily. But, now Nam Chi Kook is awake after being in a coma for years. This caused tension in Ba Reum as Nam Chi Kook would reveal his true colors.

In order to hide his identity, Ba Reum arrives at the hospital. However, he was surprised when Nam Chi Kook hugged him because he missed him. Something inside Jung Ba Reum prompted him to surrender to the police. However, he was stopped by Dr. Daniel Lee. Ba Reum is about to commit suicide for all the murders he planned and executed, but he is saved by Daniel.

He confessed to Daniel. At that time, Daniel realized that Siung Yo Han was 1% psychopath, while Jung Ba Reum was 99% psychopath. Daniel explained to him that he couldn’t die irresponsibly. If he really paid attention to all deaths, then he would have to face the consequences. Daniel advises him to kill all predators to prevent future psychopaths from being born.

Who Killed Nam Chi Kook?

Ba Reum visits Nam Chi Kook again at the hospital, but this time Chi-Kook remembers everything and asks Ba Reum to turn himself in. Hearing this, Ba Reum ran away, and immediately Go Mu Chi entered the building and found Chi-Kook sad. difficulty breathing. Unfortunately, Nam Chi Kook died.

Go Mu Chi finds out that only Ba Reum met Nam Chi Kook and starts looking for him in the building. We also get a hint that he knows about Ba Reum’s real identity. In the end, he ordered Ba Reum with full authority and coldness, clearing our confusion.

Mouse episode 15

Lee Seung Gi in Kdrama, Mouse (2021)

What will happen next? Will Ba Reum give up, or will he follow Daniel’s advice? The story will progress in episode 16. So make sure to check it out.

Episode 16 of Mouse will premiere on April 29, 2021. The show stars Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Joon Hyun, Kyung Soo Jin, Woo Ji Hyun, Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Jung Nan, Kwon Hwa Won, Jo. Jae Yoon, and Ahn Nae Sang.

You can watch the previous episode here Rakuten Viki.

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