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Nowadays, everyone is facing the problem of monthly rent and owning a house. Almost anyone can understand the problem of paying a fortune in rent, and not finding a good rental place. However, the hardest part is not being able to buy your own house even after saving money and going through all the struggles. Well, the Korean industry is bringing in dramas that illustrate all these common problems. Monthly Homes can be attributed to almost anyone apart from displaying the day-to-day rental issues. Jung So Min from Fix You, Jung Gun Joo from Oh My Baby, and Kim Ji Suk from My Unfamiliar man will be the main characters. They were recently seen in the dramas mentioned.

Monthly Home: Release Date

Monthly House is an upcoming Korean romantic drama from South Korea. Other names for the series are Wolgan and Wolgan Jib. Interestingly, viewers don’t have to wait long for the release because we already have an official release date. Monthly House will be released on March 22, 2021, and will run until May 11, 2021. The series will consist of sixteen episodes and will air every Monday and Tuesday of the week. The original JTBC network will display the series.

Monthly House

Monthly House: Production

Monthly Home Drama will discuss and describe the true meaning of owning a home in one’s life. Lee Chang Min is the director of this series. So, there will definitely be emotional moments along with zesty comedy and humor. Welcome to Waikki and Man to Man is the comedy drama he loves the most. Myung Soo Hyun is writing the script, which usually focuses on the lives of singles and provides insightful concepts. Some of her previous works were Jelek Nona Muda Ae, Drink Solo, and Poetry a Day.

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The development and production of the drama series has been going on since last summer. The selection of the cast took place from the latter by sending offers to Jung Gun Joo, Kim Ji Suk, and Jung So Min as the lead roles. JTBC representatives confirmed on June 2, 2020 that they had sent an offer to the cast to star in the drama series. However, until then, the cast had yet to respond to the offer. They also haven’t decided on the broadcast schedule at that time. However, confirmation for the cast came in October.

Cast and Plot line

The main cast for Monthly House included Jung Gun Joo, Kim Ji Suk, and Jung So Min in the lead roles of Shin Gyeom, Na Young-Won, and YooJa-Sung. Other supporting cast members include Kim Won-Hae, Lee Ji-Won, Chae Jung-An, Lee Hwa-Kyum, Ahn Chang-Hwan, and Yun Ji-On. They will play the roles of Choi Go, KyeJoo-Hee, Yeo Ui-Joo, Yook Mi-Ra, Nam Sang-Soon, and Jang Chan. This is Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min’s second collaboration as they worked together in 2013 entitled Came to Me and Became a Star.

Monthly House will describe the relationship between real estate investors and women who like to live in rented houses. Apart from that, it will also discuss the issue of housing and its value in everyone’s life. The main role, YooJa Sung, is an independent businessman who achieves success even after rising from rock bottom. He is also the CEO of the company ‘Monthly House’ and is a real estate investor. However, his success was not easy because he was very poor and had to start from scratch. He studies during the day, works even on weekends at a construction site, works part time at a restaurant during the day, and at night as a designated driver.

Na Young-Won works as an editor at the company Monthly House magazine. He did not have and wanted to own a house even after working for ten years. He lives in a rental house where he is paid monthly. However, the rental house is like its own place and regards it as its own place because it reflects its emotions and personality. However, the real owner of the place is YooJa Sang who starts appearing at the rented house. Things changed between them with their clash, and he found it terrible. Therefore, he decided to change the rented house and look for his own house.

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