Mobile Suit Gundam: Flash Hathaway: Movie Coming Soon – Info


The biggest Mech franchise in the world is coming back, and coming back with success. Gundam has faced a lot of problems lately, like many other events, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The franchise has many projects planned, but they are all in vain.

But now they’re back with a new film releasing a trailer, and we have to say it looks amazing. All fans have been suffering from the Gundam withdrawal for some time now, and we hope the film will solve that problem easily.

Flash Gundam Hathaway Mobile Suit 2

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway Flash Movie

The film will debut sometime this year, and we have an excellent trailer with English subtitles for it. The film will follow a light novel series with the same news that was released a few years ago.

But this time, the film will be based on much more modern things and different main characters. This will be set after the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack event.

Hathaway Noa will be our main character for the film, and she will follow in the footsteps of our previous main characters and villains from the light novel series, acting as a spiritual successor for them.

Hathaway Noa will be the leader of an anti-Earth Federation unit called Mafty. He is the son of the iconic character Bright Noah, the commander of Londo Bell. This film will supposedly take us back to the start of everything Gundam, giving us a whole new story and a whole new perspective.

Let’s talk about the plot of the light novel series that will form the basis of most of the film.

Release date

We recently got a trailer with English subtitles which also gives us an idea of ​​the new confirmed release date. The film will be released in Japan on May 7, 2021. We don’t have an international release date yet.


It took nearly 12 years after the Second Neo Zeon War fell, with the Earth Federation accepting the Republic of Zeon back into their ranks.

Gundam hathaway flash image of mobile suit 3

But the Federation never seemed to completely trust the spacenoids which caused them to act in a way that no one else liked. A Man Hunter unit was created and deployed which captured and deported underprivileged and unwanted civilians to the space colony.

It was then that a terrorist organization called Mafty emerged, led by Hathaway Noa, Bright Noah’s son. She now goes by the name Mafty, she is depressed and very disturbed by some actions from her past.

The only thing he wanted to do right now was to take revenge on the people who were behind some of the things that happened. That’s why he’s at war with the federation.

Gundam Franchise

One thing we cannot ignore is that even though the world is being ravaged by a pandemic, they are trying their best to realize their dream project dreams. Their dedication has finally worked out with one of 2020’s biggest achievements, a real-life Gundam Model that went big!

This Walking Gundam shocked everyone, it was a sight to behold. Made by the Yokohama Gundam Factory, it is now the largest Gundam model ever made in world history, and it’s moving!

The statue was a huge hit in the country, not only in that country but all over the world. Nobody has ever seen anything like this, everyone likes the idea. We look forward to seeing stunning replicas of the same thing around the world. Maybe some will come with real lasers, or is it too dangerous?

We also have an amazing project from this franchise, which was supposed to take place during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but was canceled. Right now there is Satellite G in orbit which is supposed to deliver a message back to earth, 2 plastic models are also on the satellite.

Gundam franchises always like to go the extra mile, they like to do things that are really wild and extreme. This satellite concept is really cool and it will be a great experience, but the pandemic stopped it too.

But good things will come eventually. We’ll be getting a new amazing Gundam movie soon. And the satellites won’t be out forever, we’ll see them in action recently.


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