Minari Ending’s Explanation: The Yi Family’s Fate

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, one of the best films of 2020, “Minari” has received high appreciation and was highly praised by critics. Honestly speaking, this is the best film of 2020, and it has won the maximum number of nominations and awards in various categories. This film has made all audiences go totally crazy, and because this is truly a masterpiece film being released in 2020. Along with the captivating storyline, it is the cast who make this film even more interesting because they all really nail down the roles. without dedication.

The main cast of this film is led by mostly South Korean actors including Steven Yeun, Noel Kate Cho, Han Ye-ri, Youn Yuh-Jung, Alan Kim, and Will Patton as if it were an American film. , is based on a Korean family who moved to the US in the early 1980s. Every minute of the film is filled with emotion and movement that is so inspiring, and all the efforts of the creators to portray everything to perfection have been completely successful. Today, we have got the complete plot outlined here and especially the ending.

Minari's Ending, Explained

Minari film at a glance

Minari Plots Outlined

This film is based on the life of a Korean immigrant family who lives in California and then decides to move on to their new plot in rural Arkansas. There his father, Jacob, would grow Korean produce and would sell them to sellers in Dallas. Jacob is very positive about their future life, while his wife Monika is very stressed and tense as their son, David’s heart problem is very serious. They both work as sexing girls and are fed up with life. Since the two of them were busy all day, they called Monica’s mother.

They called Monica’s mother from South Korea to live with them in the US and look after the children. David is forced to share his room with Soon-Ja, and this he doesn’t like at all and thus starts to make a bad impression about her as a grandmother. But Soon-Ja started to adjust there, and as time went by, the kids also started to like her. But because of the last time an order was canceled by a Dallas vendor and the crops were wasted, Jacob starts to get stressed, and a big fight starts to break out between him and Monica.

On the other hand, Soon-Ja suffered a stroke at night, and this caused even big trouble for them. However, she was rescued by medical treatment but suffered from movement and speech disorders. Jacob and Monica go to Okhlama City to see traders to sell their crops and also to see a doctor for David’s heart condition. Jacob makes it clear that his business is more important to him than his family, and this causes more bickering and arguments between him and Monica, and the two of them eventually decide to separate.

Minari's Ending, Explained

All the main cast of this film

Minari Ending Explained: What Happened To The Yi Family?

After Jacob and Monica finally break up with a lot of bickering and bickering, the film takes a slightly deeper hit, and several scenes filled with emotion and gruesome gestures pop up on the road. It also made David think that somehow his grandmother was responsible for this too, and he was starting to get the wrong impression of her. But because this wasn’t true, Soon-Ja tried hard not to become a burden to her daughter’s family after the stroke, and because of that she tried to be of great help to them.

But a few days later, he accidentally set fire to the barn containing the produce in the absence of Jacob and Monica. This created several problems for the couple. Therefore once they got home, they both arrived home. The two of them ran there to save the produce from the fire, but somehow the fire escaped their hands, and it increased to such an extent that it was now out of control. So, they decided to ignore that and started saving each other from the fire. The accident again brought them close to each other by canceling their separation.

Because Soon-Ja was not in a good condition and was also stuck there, her grandson screamed loudly, but she couldn’t listen, and at that moment, David ran over to her to save her and pushed her back. In the end, it was seen that the entire Yi family was sleeping, and Soon-Ja watched them sitting on her chair. After that, Jacob and Monica see with a dive water mark the spot for the well. Later, Jacob and David go to check on Minari, who has grown successful, and Jacon realizes that Soon-Ja has chosen a fantastic place.

Then the film ends, leaving hope for a sequel, which is sure to happen soon. Also, the fire that had caused this accidentally proves to be a blessing to everyone when Jacob and Monica get back together, and their breakup is erased as well; Soon-Ja finds out that her grandson has really started to love and care for her. So, on the whole we can say that this fire saved the whole family from some big troubles instead of giving some big ones. For more updates like this one, keep an eye on the site as we’ll be back soon.

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