Lucy Owen And Rhodri Owen Split: Everything You Need to Know (Ready Article)


Lucy Owen and her husband Rhodri Owen have always been a very simple couple throughout their journey until now. They always remain very open about their personal and private lives. The two never try to hide anything from their fans and followers. They are always very active on their social media, sharing details about their daily life. The paparazzi have photographed the two in different locations in Wales, sharing some hilarious PDA moments.

Lucy and Rhodri were always present in each other’s good and bad phases. They always share some major couple goals that inspire millions of people around the world. Their fans and followers are always very curious to know some amazing updates related to their life. The two are again the talk of the town after some serious rumors started to spread globally regarding their relationship. Many rumors have spread about Lucy Owen and Rhodri’s breakup, and fans are not ready to believe it yet.

Therefore, we have brought you all the latest and defined updates about their life. We will clean up all the rumors that spread and will keep all the truth in front of you. But before sharing all the updates, we would like to briefly introduce both for those who don’t know much about them.

Lucy Owen And Rhodri Owen Split: Everything You Need to Know

Lucy Owen

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Who is Lucy Owen?

Lucy Owen is a 50-year-old Welsh newsreader and television presenter. He started his professional career as a broadcaster with BBC Radio Wales. He first worked as a researcher then was promoted to reader and presenter on the show. After that, he climbed the ladder of success and continued to climb with his talents and skills. Today, he is one of the BBC’s most famous and highly paid news personalities. She was also a part of the highly successful X-Ray show, where her husband also joined her on the show’s team.

Who is Rhodri Owen?

Rhodri Owen is a 49-year-old Welsh-born radio and television presenter. He was very interested in this field from a young age, and for that, he became a part of the National Youth Theater Of Wales. He has been a part of various radio shows like Red Dragon FM, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Wales. Rhodri met his wife Lucy Owen at a radio station, and according to him, it was love at first sight for him. After a long relationship and dating for years, they both got married in 2004. As of now, these two are really great, and that is very clear from their social media handles.

Lucy Owen And Rhodri Owen Split: Everything You Need to Know

Rhodri Owen

Lucy Owen And Rhodri Owen Split: Really?

Lucy and Rhodri Owen have always been a very inspiring couple who have achieved all their dreams together and support each other in achieving their dreams. However, recently, out of nowhere, some rumors started to spread throughout the world that the two of them had decided to go their separate ways. Their fans and followers became very tensed ever since they found out about this rumour. But, there is nothing to worry about because today, we will make it clear whether the two have separated or are still together.

Lucy Owen and Rhodri Owen are still together, and no separation has occurred between them. They both still live happily with each other and are in extreme love. All the rumors that had been spreading about their breakup were completely false. It was just a defame ploy from some of their haters. The two of them have always provided some major couple goals and will continue to do so. Also, we should know that they also got an offer from BBC One to co-host a news show. However, they haven’t officially shared about this until now.

Till now, we have shared all the key details about this lovely couple. We’ll be back soon with more exciting updates like this one. So, if you are a fan of this couple and don’t want to miss the latest news about them, keep an eye on this site.

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