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The Lower Character Tomozaki finally completes one of his quest shows in the anime’s final episode. Tomozaki takes a gaming perspective in his approach to life. And with Hinami giving him a tutor, things became easier for him. In the previous episode, Tomozaki asked Minami to be his campaign manager for the ongoing student representative elections. Tomozaki knew from the start that making Minami win against Hinami would be an almost impossible task.

But despite all that, Tomozaki managed to get into Minami’s campaign even though she refused at first. Tomozaki is dealing with all the tech and strategy issues that will get him more votes. But knowing Hianami, he emerged as the already popular and happy-go-lucky type. Past anime episodes have focused heavily on campaigns, and Tomozaki has spent more time with Hinami.

With only seven episodes released so far, the anime will only run 12 episodes for its debut season. So only a few episodes left for the first season to reach its conclusion. Tomozaki has made good progress so far in anime. But he’s still the same timid person he was in the beginning. Maybe that’s one part he’s still working on, but at least he’s improved and now finds it easy to talk to people.

The lower tier character Tomozaki Episode 8 will continue next week, and with that, we will be another episode nearing the end of the first season. New episodes will stream online on Funimation as usual with English subtitles. This anime is already a little interesting to follow from the start if you trace Tomozaki’s development to date.

Lower Level Character Tomozaki Episode 7: Student Representative Selection

Lower Level Character Tomozaki Episode 7

Lower Level Character Tomozaki Episode 7

With the selection of student representatives finished, it was time for both candidates to appear in front of the students. Anime does not focus too much on Hinami’s progress but more on Minami’s hard work and efforts. Minami appears as a girl who always tries hard at the things she does and hardly gets the results she wants. On the other hand, Minami is a popular person who gets things done with ease.

Anime is structured like that, so we still don’t see what made Hinami beat Minami by a large margin of votes. Maybe it was because of her persuasive skills and that she got along with the popular guys at school. The rest of his crew was made up of popular people, so that was one thing he used to his advantage.

But the aim of the show is to highlight Tomozaki’s development, so Hinami is more of a side character. In the end, Tomozaki did a great job; it’s just that Hinami looks invincible. But on the bright side, Tomozaki got the results he wanted from all of this. And with the student selection gathered, there was only one thing left for Tomozaki to do this season.

The anime will end in four episodes, and this one doesn’t appear like one of those anime that will have you hanging in the air. Next time, another show, which has started in the latest episode, will continue. This will probably be the last show of the season, and it will end around the same time as the anime. Looks like Tomozaki changed his mind about Fuuka and asked her to come with him to the cinema. So we’ll quickly find out what the deal is with Tomozaki this time.

Lower Level Characters Tomozaki Episode 8 and Updates

With the first season ending, it looks like the anime will be preparing for one last show. Pretty interesting anime to follow, especially if you have extra time waiting for your favorite anime to be released at the end of the week. The wait could be longer for other popular anime such as One Piece, which currently focuses on past events. For more updates on when One Pece will return to its present at Wano, you can check out the full post: When will One Piece Anime return to fight at Wano.

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