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Inside the sewing room, Hinami told Fumiya that they would stop their meeting during the student council elections. Fumiya agrees and realizes that Hinami has a busy schedule. He tells Fumiya that he will become Mimimi’s campaign manager. Hinami explains how Fumiya will work as a manager. She thought she’d make him her manager, but things have changed since Mimimi walked in. He advises her to improve her skills and support Mimimi.

Fumiya is afraid that Mimimi will lose, and he says he doesn’t think he is capable of supporting Mimimi. Hinami told him that she shouldn’t worry in the end; it doesn’t matter who the Mimimi campaign manager is. He also reveals that he loves Mimimi and that he wants to support her, but he is running his campaign. Hinami promised that she would not lose to Mimimi. Then, Fumiya wondered how he got close to Mimimi.

Tomozaki Character Release Date Lower Level 7 Episode

Lower level character Tomozaki Episode 7 will be released on Friday, February 19, 2021, at 9 p.m. JST. Make sure to check the Bottom AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s find out how the election will go below.

Tomozaki lower level character

Tomozaki lower level character

Previously in Episode 6

As he walked down the hall, he annoyed Mimimi, who greeted him. Fumiya tells Mimi that she wants to tell him something. Mimi approached him and asked if it was a confession of love, to which Fumya replied that it wasn’t. She comments that he’s kidding, and he said it’s about election. Mimi comments that she is thinking about choosing Fumiya. Fuyamiyta said he asked if he could be his campaign manager.

Campaign Manager

Mimi thanked him and said Fumiya could not be relied on. He leaves her disappointed, but she is happy that he is not sure that she wants to help him. Hinamai just pushed him away. Fumiya went to the library and met Fuka, who saw that he was worried about something. Fuka asked Fumiya, and he said that he was about the election. Fuka reveals that Nanami has decided to run, and she wonders why.

Fumiya Nanami tells him that it is a fight of values, and he thinks he just wants to change himself. Fuka thought it was a good idea and he needed to change too, but Fumiya had to keep it a secret. Fuka said he would support Nanami with his campaign. Fumiya returns home and begins to think that he too should try to change. He wondered if an introvert like him would ever change.

Tomozaki lower level character

Tomozaki lower level character

Student Council Election

Fumiya realizes that he likes playing Tacfam, and he enjoys who he is, and it will be difficult for him to change. He also thinks of Mimi and realizes that she is a popular girl, always at the center of conversation. The next day Mimi introduced Fumiya to Yumiko Yamashita. Mimi reveals that Yumi is her new campaign manager. Mimi thanked Fumiya for yesterday and said that if something had come up, she would call him.

Fumiya moved forward and saw Hinami doing her election campaign. He noticed that Hinami had made Misuzawa his campaign manager. Fumiya realized that Misuzawa was good at convincing people, and he now believed that Hinami was invincible. He walks into the school, and Mimi follows him, and he shows her the promise of the student council election campaign. Fumiya took it and tried to read it and found that he had made a difficult question.

She wonders why she wants him to answer those questions while she doesn’t want him to be his manager. Fumiya helped Mimi create the layouts, and she was glad it was easier to read. She tells him that instead of being his manager, he can help her with things that advance the brain. The two of them started working together. Hinami watches the two of them prepare for Mimi’s final speech, and it’s amazing. Hinami smiled and left the two of them.

Lower Level Character Tomozaki Episode 7

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