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We are back once again with some amazing updates regarding the recently released Korean drama series which have earned appreciation and respect from millions of viewers who have watched and enjoyed them and are now curious about the second season of this Korean drama. All the interesting details we have collected which we are going to share here make you even more curious about the upcoming season as some of the amazing details were collected by us. We’re going to share all the key details about Lovestruck In The City Season 2 here so be prepared.

Release Date and Recap: Lovestruck In The City Season 2

Release Date & Update Status

Lovestruck In The City Season has not been announced by the creators of this series but it is certain that the second season will happen soon after all the first season has received such a huge response and the concept of this series is very liked by the viewers and therefore they think a new season is a must in this series.

Also until now, this series is also available on Netflix in a dubbed version and for those who missed it and it shows how passionate the fans of this series are and how much fans are following this Korean drama. Overall, you can expect the second season of this Korean drama to be released sometime in 2022.

Release Date and Recap: Lovestruck In The City Season 2

Cast & Crew

The first season of the series features Ji Chang-Wook as Park Jae-won, Kim Ji-won as Lee Eun-o / Yoon Seon-a, Kim Min-Seok as Choi Kyeong-jun, So Joo-Yeon in the role of Suh Rin -i, Ryu Kyung-soo played the role of Kang Geon, Han Ji-Eun in the role of Oh Seon-Yeong in the lead role and they had done great performances but according to the concept of the show the previous cast would not be seen again and some new cast would be hired. for the new season we will update here only.

Jung Hyun-Jung and Jung Da-Yun have written this romantic Korean drama series and it was directed by Park Shin-woo. Jang Se-Jung, Choi Kyung-sook, Kim Min-Ji, Jeon Woo-min, Hwang Ji-woo, and Jeon Ryeo-Kyung are the executive producers of the series who have produced them in partnership and association with Kakao M and Story & Media. Picture. Kim Na-young has arranged all the editing work of this series and Kim Chun-suk and Kim Jin-hwan have arranged the camera setup and other important work.

Release Date and Recap: Lovestruck In The City Season 2

Plot & Recap

The series is based on an interview concept which is something very new for viewers. In this series, six people are shown talking about their dating life and it is very interesting for viewers to have new experiences. Huge credit must go to the crew team who portrayed everything from these people’s dating lives in such a beautiful and honest way that it impressed the millions who have watched it. The six people featured in the series are truly amazing and the same expectations from season 2 are the same.

Park Jae-won is a very bright and passionate person who works as an architect and is 32 years old who falls in love with Lee Eun-oh, a 28-year-old marketer whom he describes as a camera thief as he steals his heart and attention. first encounter and then disappeared. She may also be him with a fake identity but end up falling for him. Then Choi Kyeong-jun who is also an architect and is 29 years old and his girlfriend Seo Rin-i have become a regular couple who share all the ups and downs of their love life.

Kang Geon is a 29 year old novelist who falls in love with a very beautiful woman he is dating and then comes Oh Seon-Yeong, a 30 year old gym teacher who is Goen’s ex-boyfriend and also a very serial dater. These six people are shown sharing their dating life and from all the ups and downs, from all sad moments to very happy moments and each and everything about their dating life, they are very beautifully described in this series and many people might have something . familiar with their lives too.

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