List of 4 latest amazing Telugu web series and where to watch them

Staying at home has made room for long-form content. Be it Korean dramas or regional YouTube series, they are all gaining fame and popularity with everyone on their devices. With OTT and social media platforms driving content creation instead of content consumption, latent talent has grown. For newcomers to the genre, welcome to long-form content, and happy streaming. For those who are aware of the latest releases, here are the 4 latest Telugu web series and where to watch them.

List of 4 amazing latest Telugu web series:

#1 30 Wednesday 21

30 Weds 21 is a real-life satirical depiction of an unmarried 30 year old man. For individuals engaged in ‘age is just a number’ motivation, this series will provide uncensored and unrepentant answers. The 30 Weds 21 series is one of many web series that have been created by Chai Bisket. All 6 episodes are streamed on Girl Formula’s YouTube channel.

Where to watch: Youtube

#2 Solar

Surya is a romantic comedy web series that tells the story of a graduate who is looking for a way to survive. This series combines the serious issues of middle class issues with social validation, and peer pressure. Shanmukh Jaswanth, of Software Developer fame, plays a major role in this series. While the series’ creators have yet to announce how many episodes or seasons the series will have, 7 episodes are streaming on Shanmukh Jaswanth’s YouTube channel. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the makers have chosen not to follow the timeline for the release of new episodes. Surya web series episode 8 is ready to be released soon.

Where to watch: Youtube

#3 Room No. 54

Room No. 54 is a 2021 web series. The 10-part entertainer delves into college friendships, bringing back memories. This web series depicts the lives of a group of dorm friends living in Room No. 54. The series features episodes of random incidents such as exam preparation, birthday celebrations, and their failed Goa trip. 10 episodes have been released on May 21, 2021.

Where to watch: ZEE5

#4 Teen Diary

Teenage Dairies, as the name suggests is an integral part of everyone’s life; teenager. As youth progresses from an individual to an adult, this mini-series narrates snippets from this period, bringing home a message. While the creators of the series have yet to announce how many parts the series will have, 7 episodes are currently streaming on the CAPDT YouTube channel. The series’ creators have released episodes at irregular intervals with filming taking place simultaneously.

Where to watch: Youtube

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