Lisa Blackpink: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Kpop Idols

If you’ve been living in isolation all this time and haven’t touched social media, then only you are probably safe from the waves that are sweeping over everyone: Kpop. Kpop has been gaining global attention, and rightfully so. This industry is a powerful rap powerhouse, skilled dancers, melodious singers, and stunning visuals. Blackpink, together with BTS in particular, have gathered millions of fans around the world. Blackpink is the most popular girl group in the world today. This girl group is signed under one of the three main Kpop agencies, YG Entertainment. Blackpink has four members named Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa.

Lisa has attracted many people with only her pretty face; she got second place in The Most Beautiful Faces of 2020. Lisa is one of the most talented female dancers in Korea; Her dance movements are always viral on the internet. Her full name is Lisa Monoban and is Thai by nationality. Lisa is a triple kill when she sings, dances, and raps, and she’s amazingly good at all three. He is twenty-four years old and raised by his Thai mother and Swiss father. She debuted as one of the four members of the South Korean girl group Blackpink in August 2016. In this article, we will tell you ten facts you need to know if you are a fan of Lisa.

10 Facts You Need to Know About Lisa Blackpink

1. Lisa auditioned to join YG Entertainment in 2010 in Thailand. At the age of 13, he was the only individual to graduate out of 4000 applicants. Imagine how special you are, the only person who escaped among 4000 people. Danny Im, a talented singer, is very impressed with Lisa and her abilities. He then praised Lisa for her confidence and personality on stage when she stepped off the stage.


Lisa cr: YG Entertainment

3. Lisa is the first Korean non-ethical member of YG Entertainment. People were surprised to find that Lisa knew five languages, namely English, Korean, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese and English. You will be able to find compilations on YouTube of Lisa as a multi-lingual genius.

4. Lisa’s birth name is actually Pranpriya Manoban. Her parents changed her name to Lalisa which means blessed because of the advice of a fortune teller. The fortune teller said that the name would bring her prosperity, and that was proven true because Lisa is one of the most influential women in Kpop.

10 facts you need to know about Lisa

5. Lisa’s father is actually her stepfather. After her mother divorced from her biological father, she married a Swedish foreigner named Marco Bruschweiler. Marco Bruschweiler is a very famous Masterchef; in an episode of Blackpink’s House, Lisa’s father cooked delicious food for all Blackpink members. Lisa comes from a wealthy family like her family which literally owns a hospital in Thailand.


Lisa for MAC Cosmetics cr: YG Entertainment

6. Lisa is a big fan of makeup. She really likes experimenting with makeup; In an interview, Blackpink members said that Lisa is the member with the most makeup products. For a long time, Lisa has been accused of having plastic surgery to make her nose look thinner, but the fact is that Lisa knows how to use makeup skillfully to make her nose look more sharp.

7. Lisa’s favorite places are Hongdae in Korea and Hrjuku in Japan. Lisa is an indie music lover, and Hongdae is known for its indie music scene, so it’s no surprise that she loves the place.

8. Lisa is always named when there is talk of idols with completely opposite personalities on and off stage. On stage, Lisa is the fierce dancer queen who rocks the stage. Fans are blown away by his strong and sharp movements when appearing on stage. Off stage, his personality is very gentle and cute. His personality is so cute that he even has a characteristic aegyo. When Lisa was on Real Man 3, which is a Korean Variety show, she saw a bug in her room, but she didn’t want to hurt it, so she brushed it gently with a broom and put it out. We love a gentle queen.


Lisa became a cat lover from cr: YG Entertainment.

9. Lisa is a cat lover. I’m not sure about everyone, but I believe that if someone is a cat lover, then they are kind. Lisa has four cats, and she jokingly said in interviews that she plans to adopt all the cats in the world. Her cat names are Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis and Lego.

10. After passing the audition for YG Entertainment in 2010, he was a trainee at YG Entertainment for five years. While practicing, Lisa was once at the top of her class in almost every way. Lisa is very hardworking and talented, and being selected among the 4000 participants and always being the best in the class is definitely proof of this.

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