Light On Me Episode 8: Release Date & Preview


Light On Me is an ongoing South Korean television series. Light On Me Episode 8 Release Date and more cast and plot is something we will be discussing today. The drama has released 6 episodes and will release the 7th and 8th episodes this week. The drama is a BL romance drama, and after China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan, South Korea has also joined the BL drama making league. These dramas are currently on the rise and are also gaining quite a bit of acceptance. The South Korean series Light On Me focuses on the lives of its main characters. And so it describes their story as a whole.

Woo Tae Kyung is an 18 year old high school student and has spent most of his life as a loner. One day his life begins to question him, and so he decides to make more friends and socialize because he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He sought the help of his teachers and told them that he no longer wanted to be alone. Therefore, on the advice of his teacher, he joins the school student council to make more friends and get to know more people.

Release date of Light On Me episode 8

Still from the drama Light On Me.

Although he felt joining the school’s student council was the right decision, he never really thought it would be difficult to make new friends. The South Korean drama Light on me is relatively shorter than other dramas. And it can even be watched in one sitting, because the duration of each episode is quite small. But before going any further, let’s take a look at the Release Date of Light On Me Episode 8 and more about the plot.

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When will Light On Me Episode 8 Release?

Light On Me Episode 8 will be released on July 22, 2021. The drama will air on its original network, Viki. Being Viki’s original drama, this drama is quite easy to watch online along with subtitles. Apart from the original network, this drama can also be watched on popular streaming sites WeTV as well. The drama airs two episodes every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With a runtime of each episode of just 18 minutes. This drama originally premiered on June 29, 2021. And with a total of 16 episodes, it will air on August 19, 2021. This BL romantic drama series was adapted from a mobile game called Saebit Boys High School Council. That’s why the drama Light On Me is also popular as the Saebit Boys High School Council.

Release date of k-drama Light On Me episode 8

Still from the drama Light On Me.

To date, the drama has released its 6 episodes, and as the relationship gradually improves, so does the whole story. The series mainly has four main characters, namely Woo Tae Kyung, Nam Goong Shi Woon, Noh Shin Woo, and Shin Da On. The Viki Original drama series focuses on the gradual relationships and emotions of these four people in the drama. With all the possible elements involved, love, drama, jealousy, this drama has it all up and running until now. With the broadcast of the 8th episode, there are only 8 episodes left, and the series will officially enter its second phase.

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Cast: Light On Me

As for the cast of the series we have, Go Woo Jin, who has been cast to play the role of Nam Goong Shi Woon. Lee Sae On has been chosen to play the role of Woo Tae Kyung. Meanwhile, Kang Yeo Seok has been cast for the role of Noh Shin Woo. Choe Chan Yi has been cast for the role of Shin Da On.

Release date of Light On Me episode 8

A Still from the drama Light On Me

Actress Yang Seo Hyun has been cast in a supporting role to play the role of Lee So Hee. Meanwhile, the directing of this series has been done by Um Ji Sun. Drama genres include Youth, Drama, Friendship, and Romance.

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