Lauren Alaina’s New Single! Does he make fun of his ex?

American Idol runner up Lauren Alaina said in one of her interviews that if you’re heartbroken, don’t waste adrenaline crying. Instead of making a song out of it and making him regret breaking your heart. That statement pretty much describes Lauren Alaina’s new single album, Getting Over Him. Lauren has been a runner-up for American Idol Season 10, and in one of the American idol interviews, she revealed that she has had Bulimia (eating disorder) since she was four years old.

But she healed herself by seeking help and supporting herself with friends and family. He also said that music healed him from within. Lauren’s first album came out in 2011, and it was a huge hit. He managed to make a very solid fanbase of an album. In 2013 his parents separated because his father suffered from substance abuse, which caused him several difficult years.

Who is Lauren Alaina.

Lauren Alaina: Singer and Songwriter. (Credit: Sounds Like Nashville)

But it is said pain is art inspiration, and after several years of therapy and relief, he came back and released his second album in 2017. His second album was Number 1 on the Country’s Airplay charts and earned the title Album of the Year.

Perfect- Not So Perfect Life Of Lauren Alaina

He even topped the 5 continuous billboard charts on his song “What Ifs” with former classmate and friend Kane Brown. With her great career success, her parents remarried because they never stopped loving each other. Lauren’s life seemed perfect at the time; She has everything she could ever want, the perfect family, the perfect career and the perfect partner.

The singer was in a relationship with his high school Boo Alexander Hopkins in 2012; They praise each other as a couple and friends. The couple noted in 2018 that they were going to the aisle soon, and they got engaged. However, everything changed course, and the wedding bells were no longer allowed to ring. In 2019 Lauren stated that she and Hopkins had separated.

In one of her interviews, she opened up about her breakup with Hopkins, and she said they both started dating when they were 17, and now they are 24. They both wanted different things in their lives, and Lauren had a lot to deal with at the time. that. Her father had stage 4 melanoma, and died within a few weeks. He added to his statement by saying that Hopkins will always be the main person in his life, but that doesn’t mean that he should spend forever with him.

Inspiration for Lauren Alaina’s New Single: Getting Over Him

After breaking up with Hopkin, Lauren was in a relationship with comedian John Christ in 2019. And that same year, she had a very bad breakup and in public. Quite a few women accused John of sexually abusing them. John denied all accusations at first, but later he accepted and publicly apologized to everyone for misbehaving. However, Lauren managed to hide her name from investigations, and she also did not comment on the situation.

In fact, she opened up about her breakup in an interview and said She had received a lot of messages from many women, and she apologized to them for not talking earlier because she was wearing socks and taking her time to it. recovering from trauma. His new album Getting Over Him is about John. He says he wrote lyrics in 2019.

Her trail is clearly dedicated to her ex and her life. The video of the song If I Was A Beer features a beer bottle labeled “You premium class ex,” and the lyrics read, “If I were beer, I would be cold after what you did to me.”

Lauren Alaina’s New Album Tracklist: Getting Over Him

  1. The first song from this album is Run.
  2. The second song from this album is If I Was A Beer.
  3. The third song from the album is Bar Back.
  4. The fourth song from the album Getting Over Him
  5. The fifth song from the album is Seen You In Your Home Town
  6. The fifth song from this album is What Do You Think of?

Her trail is clearly dedicated to her ex and her life. The video for the song If I Was A Beer features a beer bottle labeled “You premium class ex,” and the lyrics read, “If I were beer, I would be cold after what you did to me.” In the song Getting over you, the lyrics say, “My friends say you have a reputation. I’m the girl he cheated on to find a little neon. ” Once again, the singer turned her sadness into a song, and she now enjoys millions of views on her videos.

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