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A K-pop specialty radio station, Kpop Weekly, has released a weekly list of the most popular songs for the phase between March 23 and March 29. It is also an international community, and its goal is to make Kpop more globally known. Their radio wants to let its users know how diverse Kpop is live and discover new artists. DJ Fabrizio and DJ Danita founded kpop Weekly, and they took care of everything! Kpop Weekly is definitely a space made especially for Kpop lovers.

Kpop Weekly releases charts every week which usually feature underrated real treasures or gems in the Kpop world, which may have been overshadowed by the songs of major artists. This is the Kpop Weekly’s Chart for the period March 23, 2021 to March 29, 2021.

Kpop Weekly’s Chart for March 23-29

The songs with ratings between 20 and 11 are as follows:

IU in her newest song, LILAC (Credit: YouTube)

20. You checkmate

19. Lilac by IU

18. Warning by Kim Sejeong

17. Yes by Kang Seung Yeon

16. Killa by Mirae

15. I Like You by Ciipher

14. After School / Weeekly

13. Young Blood / Drippin

12. Do or Not / Pentagon

11. Ponzoña / Purple Kiss

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Songs on the Kpop Weekly Charts for the period March 23 to 29:

10. House Party by Super Junior

Still image from the MV (credit: YouTube)

Super Junior released this album, “The Rennaisance,” with House Party as their title track, commemorating the 15th anniversary of their debut. The song talks about COVID-19 and how we need to enforce the rules around it. WHO leaders also praised this song. “Not wearing masks, hey that doesn’t make sense, maybe we paid a heavy price for freedom today,” chants Super Junior, subtly reminding us to wear the masks!

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9. Spit it Out by MAJORS

MAYORS Debut Teaser Photo (Credit: ANJ Entertainment)

Spit it Out is the debut song by rookie Girl Group MAJORS. This six-member girl group debuted under ANJ Entertainment recently on March 9, 2021. Their debut song is definitely interesting! Check out the song below:

7. Seoul by GHOST9

A Still from MV (Credit: Maroo Entertainment)

GHOST9 is a 9-member Kpop Boy Band formed by Maroo Entertainment. Most of the members are from Produce 101 and Mix Nine. They debuted in September 2020, and the song “Seoul” is the title track for their third EP Now: Where We Are, Here. The song starts off with an amazing rap, great cinematography, and catchy beats.

6. Analog by Buzz

Buzz is an Emo Ballad Kpop Group formed in 2003 with 5 members. They debuted under Santa Music. They were popular at that time when one of their songs was used for the Korean opening Naruto. The song Analogue is from their third mini album, “The Lost Time”.

5. Get Away by Veri Very

A Still from MV (Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment)

Some of you may remember the song Veri Very Beauty from Kdrama Extraordinary You. Veri Very has even joined BTS, PSY, and several other Korean Actors on the Billboard Chart! Their single, “Get Away,” peaked at number 44 on this week’s Digital Song Sales chart. After hearing the song, I believe they really deserve this honor! The song must be the kind that sticks to your head. With great vocals, well-timed beats, and great rap, this song is the perfect dish!

4. Before 12 O’Clock by Jung Gil

This song is perfect for sleeping too! With sweet vocals and kind of lullaby beats, this song will be a perfect OST, not imperfect now.

3. Lost by WONHO

A Still From LOSE MV (YouTube Credit)

It’s honestly no surprise that this masterpiece is on this list. Losing has this sleek, stylish vibe and a dark environment of a broken heart. Wonho’s voice is really sensual when he sings the song, especially the chorus, how the voice changes quickly, and the ending ooh ~ This song is just a chef’s kiss, especially for Kpop fans who like a little darkness in their music.

2. Don’t Call Me by SHINee

SHINee Don’t Call Me Teaser 2 (SM Entertainment Award)

Well, yes. If this song is not on the list, I will contact the Kpop authorities. Don’t Call Me marks the return of Aces of Kpop, SHINee’s comeback. From the album of the same name, Don’t Call Me came out loud, as expected, because the group is currently HIATUS. It peaked at number 1 on the GAON Album Chart and debuted at 7 on the Billboard World Albums chart, marking their first entry in 3 years and entry 12 in the top 10.

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1. Sugar by Kim Woo Seok

Kim Woo Seok at Sugar (Credit: Top Media)

Candy, candy everywhere! Kim Woo Seok, a member of UP10TION, releases “Sugar”, the title track of his new album, “2ND DESIRE.” [TASTY], on February 7, 2021. The song is sweet and lovely and sticks to your head like candy sometimes stuck in your teeth! The entire song has a boyish vibe that is soft and colorful and cheerful. The vocals definitely bring the song to life! Watch the MV below:

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