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With only three episodes left, make it to the final episode. Let’s see how Kyle will defeat Demon Lord Angumund, who has returned. This week we will see the latest developments in the Release of King’s Raid: Successors Of The Will Episode 23. Previously, Kasel and others had visited master Pavel to unseal the Holy Sword Aea. Babylon goes with them to the World Tree. At the same time, Scarlet and Riheet arrived at the Tower of Sage.

Dominix tells them about the heir of the holy-sword, Kasel. Riheet finds out that the truth about Illya and his sword is not there. Malduk has opened a gap between the two dimensions to summon the Dark Lord Angumund. He is happy that the destroyer of the world has returned. The return of Angumund has brought fear to the lives of residents. The monsters started attacking the villages and cities.

King’s Raid: Successors Of The Will Episode 23 Release Date

King’s Raid: Successors of the Will Episodes 23 will be released on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at 1:23 JST officially on AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s take a look at the previous episode below.

Previously on King’s Raid: Successors Of The Will Episode 22

Undead, demons, and monsters began to appear, killing and devouring humans. The knights, elves, and ogress teamed up, protecting and evacuating the citizens. In the Dark Lord’s territory, Malduk is very happy that everything is going according to plan. He reveals that they will destroy the holy-swords. After that, nothing could stop the Dark Lord. Demon Maria only looks at Malduck, who is filled with the power of evil.

King Kyle

Dark Prince Angumund was sitting on his throne, watching Malduk praising him. Meanwhile, Kasel, Pavel, Cleo, Roi, and Frey have arrived at the Eldora Forest. They were happy to be there on time. Kasel said they should hurry to the World Tree. At the same time, Lorraine and Selen had defeated the demon in front of them. Lorraine reveals that they must prepare for war because she can feel the presence of the Dark Lord.

Back in the forest, Cleo asked Babel to teach him more about magic. Pavel told Cleo everything she knew. Pavel reveals that Lorraine and Aeatola didn’t see King Kyle’s final fight with Angumund. The only person who saw him was the holy man, but they wanted to support Kasel for King Kyle’s sake. Pavel tells Cleo to also support Kasel in any way she can.

Successor to the Raid King's Will

King’s Raid Successors Of The Will

Kasel goes to get food and water for others. Frey followed suit, and she asked what she was thinking. Kasel says he wonders what kind of dad Kyle is. Frey reveals that Kyle is a hero that everyone likes. Kasel says he doesn’t know anything about his father, and he doesn’t even feel that Kyle is his father. Frey replied that it was natural because Kasel had never met her father.


Kasel revealed that she was starting to feel that King Kyle was closer to her. He also said during their journey; she was beginning to feel how King Kyle felt at that moment. Kasel said he understood why Kyle was such a hero, and he would do his best. Frey realizes that Kyle is a hero, but he ends up disappearing. He wondered if that might happen to Kasel because he was on his way to becoming a hero.

Frey remembers leaving an Ogre telling her about her dream about Kasel. In his dream, he saw Kasel enter the world as a hero and rush into the path of war. Further down the road, Kasel disappears, and Frey is her sacred. Flying demons begin to hunt Frey, and Kasel arrives to save her.

Demon God

King's Raid Successors Of The Will

Successor to the Raid King’s Will

Kasel protects Fey and realizes that he was told not to use the power of Holy Swords before they reach the World Tree. He managed to hide in the cave with Frey, but the demon started destroying the cave. Roi arrives and starts fighting the demons, but Kasel is swallowed up by the monster worm. He decided to use the power of the holy sword and cut the worm’s stomach. Kasel didn’t know why he was forbidden to use holy-swords.

In the Dark Lord’s realm, Angumund felt the power of the Holy Sword slaying his allies. He breathed heavily and got up from his chair. Malduk laughs as they manage to find out where the holy sword is. Malduk says he won’t let her go and sends everyone to HolySword. Kasel goes to Pavel and tells him what he did.

Pavel tells him that they have to hurry, but Malduk appears and in front of them with Angmund. He comments that they won’t run away, and Pavel wonders if it is Angmund. They started fighting, but they had to be thrown and fell into the water. Malduk was impressed by the power of Demon Lord Angumund. Demon Maria followed Kasel and the others. But he went there and saved them. Kasel asks why she saved them, and she leaves them without telling them why.

King’s Raid: Successors Of The Will Episode 23 Preview

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