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Written and directed by Yasuhisa Hara, the anime Kingdom is an adaptation of the manga series of the same title. This is an epic historical anime. On December 15, 2019, an announcement was made regarding the season 3 update of the series with a completely new crew. Kingdom hasn’t been on the air for a while now, and everyone has forgotten about the show, but anime fans are still waiting for the show to resume. The third season premiered on April 6, 2020. Only 4 episodes of the show were aired, and then production was stopped. Funimation announced on April 26, 2020 that they can only air 4 episodes for now due to the ongoing pandemic. Season 3 will resume as soon as the pandemic ends. And finally, Kingdom Season 3 Resumed after a very long time.

Kingdom Season 3: About the Show

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3 Plot Details

The story starts with two characters, Xin and Piao, who are orphans. Both have always dreamed of becoming a Great General. Piao and Xin are both training hard to make their dreams come true. But one day, Piao was taken from Xin, and he came back after months in such a brutal condition. Before Piao died, he told Xin that he had to go to Kokuhi Village. In order to find out what happened to Piao, he started his journey to Kokuhi Village. In the village, she saw Yin Zheng.

She suddenly realized that she and Yin Zheng looked alike. Then he learned that royalty had replaced Piao with Yin Zheng. Piao acted as bait. General Ou Ki’s army attacks Piao and leaves him badly injured when they think that he is the king. Xin couldn’t control her anger at first. But when Xin and Yin Zheng approached, Yin Zheng told Xin that he wanted to end all kinds of wars and unite all kingdoms. Hearing this, Xin tried to help Yin, so that the two of them could achieve their goal and end the bloodshed.

The story then continues how Xin tries hard to become a Great General one day. Further in the story, Xin also became a general of Qin. Then Hi Shin’s army was also formed by him.

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

Finally, the production has revealed the release date of the event. They will continue with the 5th episode in Spring 2021 which is April 2021. The show originally premiered on April 6, 2020, and 4 episodes have premiered successfully, but this stopped when the pandemic hit. The show’s 5th episode will be out in April. The announcement was made by releasing a trailer for the 5th episode.

  • The first episode titled “The Encroaching Coalition Army” was released on April 6, 2020
  • The second episode, titled “A Coming Together,” will be released on April 13, 2020.
  • The third episode, titled “The Battle of Hangu Pass,” will be released on April 20, 2020.
  • The fourth episode, titled “Two Battlefields”, was released on April 27, 2020.
  • The fifth episode is scheduled to premiere on April 4, 2021.

Not only that, this time the members of the production were completely new, which made us even more curious. The first three episodes of the show are just to warm the audience for the show; nothing specific. Anime is just starting to develop. Now, episode 5 and the new production team will change the minds of many who think this series is different. The anime could definitely become a hit series if episode 5 was a turning point for the viewers.

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The show’s first episode was titled “The Encroaching Coalition Army,” which was released on April 6, 2020. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2 was called “A Coming Together” and was released on April 13, 2020. The third episode, titled The Battle of Hangu Pass, “was released. on April 20, 2020. On April 27, 2020, the fourth episode of the show titled “Two Battlefields” was released. Finally, after a long delay, the 5th episode was released. Episode 5 will premiere on April 4, 2021.

You can watch all the latest episodes of the anime on Funimation and Hulu.

Kingdom Season 3 Trailer

The series trailer has been released. One thing that makes the audience stunned is art and cinematography. This has completely changed. The trailer has all the details of the war Qin is about to face. Since the first two seasons have already been released, there are many faces that are similar from that season. There is no big difference between the previous trailer and the trailer released now. The trailer has covered the war between the joint forces and Qin. The performance music has also been improved, and fits perfectly into the storyline.

Kingdom Season 3 Storyline

Season 3 will continue with the 5th episode when it stops amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The story can range from the various battles in the show that take place to achieve the goal of Unifying China. After Qin and Zhao allied themselves, we were able to see some big revelations of treachery as well.

Undoubtedly, manga Kingdom has a much larger fan base compared to the anime. Season 3 revolves mostly around the Coalition Invasion Arc, as seen from the previous episode. This is one of the most awaited arcs in the series. If this is depicted with the right storyline, music, and art, the anime could garner a huge fan base in no time.

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