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So after a week’s break, Kenan returned to the first season of his episodic week with the fourth episode. In the final episode, we saw Kenan struggling with a new routine for his morning show. On the other hand, Tami pays attention to her work. So, there’s quite a bit of mess to take care of. Kenan is an American situational comedy. Jackie Clarke and David Caspe act as creators and thinkers behind the show. Currently, in its first season, the show wrapped up three successful episodes on March 2, 2021 before taking a week’s break. So, now with the fourth episode coming up, let’s have a look at what happened before in sho. Also, what can we expect from Kenan Season 1 Episode 4 to come.

Kenan tells the story of Kenan Williams, played by Kenan Thompson. A morning host and a widower. Plus, she has two daughters to care for because she lives in the Georgian city of Atlanta. This show follows Kenan battling the challenges of his daily life at work as well as a father. Kenan’s father-in-law Rick (Don Johnson) and his brother Gary (Chris Redd) are always there for him as they help him solve this problem. So, anyway, let’s start with a quick recap of what happened before at Kenan. Then, we’ll move on to the preview of Episode 4 Kenan Season 1.

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Brief Recap: Kenan Season 1 Episode 3

Kenan’s third episode is titled, “The Fourth Hour”. The episode adds big trouble to Kenan’s routine. Mika (Kimrie Lewis), Kenan’s morning show executive producer decides to add a fourth hour to his show. Now for the sake of the show “Wake Up With Kenan”, there are a number of changes that Kenan needs to make. Starting with getting up at 4am, then changing her nighttime routine so she can find a way to spend time with her kids. When Mika realizes that Kenan is having a hard time with a new routine, she teaches him the technique. Mika teaches Kenan how to “take a micro nap.” This helps for a while but not too long.

Preview: Kenan Season 1, Episode 4

Still From Kenan Season 1 Episode 3 (Credit: NBC)

On the other hand, Tami (Taylor Louderman) hopes Kenan has a hard time with this new routine. This caught Gary’s attention. He believes he is looking for an opportunity to take his brother’s job when he thinks about quitting. Gary goes to work to stop Tami’s evil plans.

Preview: Kenan Season 1, Episode 4

Still From Kenan Season 1 Episode 3 (Credit: NBC)

Kenan continues to struggle with his grueling show routine. Rick decided to come up with advice. He warns Kenan and tells him to study against Mika. Kenan listened intently but continued to do the opposite. She lost her mind on the live broadcast as she rambled on to the audience about her show making her routine difficult. Mika carefully listened instead of getting angry, she agreed with Kena. So, Mika decided to cancel the fourth hour. Lastly, Gary realizes that he was wrong about Tami. All he wanted was more screentime. He has great respect for Kenan and will never want to replace him. The episode ends with Rick joining Kenan in his evening routine.

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Kenan Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date & Where To Watch?

Kenan Season 1 Episode 4 will be released on March 16, 2021. It will air on NBC’s original network at 8 p.m. ET. Right after airing, the episode will be available for streaming NBC official website. For viewers in Canada, Kenan’s fourth episode will be broadcast on City TV and will be available for streaming City TV official website. All episodes of Kenan’s first season are available to stream Upstream as well. The fourth episode of Kenan Season 1 will also be added soon Upstream after the episode has finished airing.

Preview: Kenan Season 1 Episode 4

Kenan Season 1’s fourth episode is titled “Flirting”. The episode’s official synopsis says Kenan will return to the world of dating. Gary advises Kenan to get back into the dating world again. She gives him flirting tips that can help him win over some girls. On the other hand, Rick agrees to take Aubrey and Birdie for a spa day. Even though she wasn’t ready at first, Rick couldn’t help but join the girls for the spa.

Preview: Kenan Season 1, Episode 4

Still From Kenan Season 1 Episode 3 (Credit: NBC)

Kenan Season 1 Episode 4 promo itself is quite funny. We can clearly see Kenan losing his cool and how to flirt and ask girls out on dates. Plus, enough of the monologue that came out of Rick’s mouth might make Kenan think twice before dating because Kenan’s ex-wife is his daughter. Anyway, see the Kenan Season 1 Episode 4 promo released by NBC below.

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