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Previously at Kemono Jihen, Shiki reminisced about his past when he used to hang out with his mother. But can’t remember how he separated from his mother. He thought that something scary was happening, but the last day he saw his mother, he turned into a monster. Then Akira and Kabane are heading somewhere to complete an important mission. Mihai updated the situation via a phone call.

He tells them that he has hacked into the building’s security system and they have to hurry because Shiki is in danger. Both decided to find the entrance to the building, but they met Momoka. She called Kabane and Akira that she was spying on some mice. Inside the building, Shiki faces the mosquito lady. She thought that it was better for her to run because the mosquitoes couldn’t see her.

Kemono Jihen Episode 7 will air on Sunday, February 21, 2021, at 22:00 JST. Watch Jihen’s Kimono ANIPLUS, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. Check out how Kabane defeated the enemies below.

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Previously on Kemono Jihen Episode 6

Mihai updates Shiki about the mosquito component, and he’s about to experience his blood being sucked in. Shiki thought that he was desperate and that someone could come and save him or Inugami. Kobane called Shiki while dragging Momoka into the building. It showed that Momoka had been defeated with one hit. Momoka has the key to open every entrance to the building.

Female Mosquito

Kabane tells Shiki not to worry because they have come to help him. Momoka complains that Kabane should stop pulling her with her hair. He also told Shiki that they had taken down one of the enemies. Mihai teases Shiki that he is a crying baby, and Shiki will face the mosquito lady. Mistress mosquito wakes up and says Shiki will pay to electrocute her. She attacks Shiki after kissing her blood and says she is hungry.

Shiki jumps and disappears, and the woman tries to find him, but she can’t find him. He thought that he had run away, and Shiki painted the entire room in blood. The woman was confused why she could see Shiki everywhere. Shiki comments that mosquitoes can detect all kinds of things to lead them to sweet blood. The woman told him to stop being tough and get out. She calls him a little brat whom she will kill.

Shiki set a trap, and he attacked, but he was trapped. He stomps on her head and puts her to sleep. Shiki realized that he could do it if he tried and laughed at himself. She remembers when Kabane told her she had, fins, something about her parents. But Shiki tells Kabane that it’s okay; she likes the life she has now. The past is not important to him. Shiki wondered if he was ready to hear what Inugami wanted to tell him that day.

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Kabane and Akira arrive at the scene and find that Shiki has defeated the mosquito woman. Shiki got up and acted like he beat the woman with one hit. Shiki comments that he’s tired of waiting for them and taking care of his own matters. Mihai commented that he only gave him fifty points. Kabane comments that they can finish off the other enemies. Shiki reveals that they know they are inside the building.

Wake up

Shiki thought that handing over the data that Mihai gathered to Inari would take care of everything. Suddenly a third enemy appears and comments that the three will not leave the building. Kabane said that would not happen because Kemono and humans are one unit. The two of them were trying to live their lives to their best, and it was Kbane’s vow to stop the enemy. Momoka and a mosquito comet so that Brother can free them and clean up their mess.

The older sister turns into a mosquito and sucks the blood and flesh of the first female mosquito. He also sucks Momoka, and they turn into skeletons and die. He comments that both of them are playing. It made him feel like an asshole for being the only one who took this seriously. The elder sister turned into a strong mosquito and began to dominate the battle. Mihai hears that Kabane, Shik, and Akira are struggling and decides to give them advice.

Mihai tells Kabane to forget that he is half human and stop using human powers. She advises him to use Kemono’s power and follow his instincts. Kabane also has to think about the most of the things he wants now. Kabane realized that he wanted to defeat the enemy. Kabane Kemon’s strength awakens after realizing that he doesn’t want to lose Shiki and Akira. Kanae broke the mosquito’s arm, and Brother returned to normal. Inugamicalls Kabane and says that’s enough he can come back Inari will take care of the rest.

Kemono Jihen Episode 7 Preview

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