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Shiki and Aya have taken their mother to the hospital. Ohana-Obasa gave Kumi a special potion because she realized that Shiki was panicking. Akira wondered if Ohana-Obasa was human, and he replied that he was not Kemono. Inugami reveals that he is a special doctor who treats Kemonos. He allowed them to stay until Shiki’s mother recovered. In the afternoon, Shiki stayed where his mother was. Let’s find out more about Kemono Jihen below.

Aya was standing by the door, thinking that she had no right to enter the room. She recalled her past and how her healing sutras worked on her. Aya found out that she had a brother when she was three years old. Shiki calls Aya into the room, and the two of them discuss their feelings for their mother.

Release Date for Kemono Jihen Episode 10

Kemono Jihen Episode 10 will be released on Sunday, March 14, 2021, at 10:00 ANIPLUS, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. Let’s take a look at the latest update for us below.

Previously on Kemono Jihen Episode 9

After hearing the two of them speak, Kumi woke up and saw Shiki in front of him. Akira and Kabane wake up after hearing that Kumi has regained consciousness. It’s been a week since Shiki’s mother woke up. Shiki lives with him and Aya at an inn near the city. Inugami and the others visit Shiki, who informs them that he will be living with his mother for a while. He told them that his mother had not fully recovered.

Shiki also tells them that he has a family now and he must rethink his future. Akira asked him if he would stop being a Chemonist. Shiki replies that he will come and visit, and they can come too. They spoke, and the three of them wondered again if Shiki would return. Inugami said it was good for Shiki because he had spent so much time alone.

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen


Then Shiki surprised them and visited them; Akira asks her that she has returned. Shiki replied that everything was not right. She told Kabane that she owed him a debt, and until Kabane found her parents, she would never stop being a chemist. Akira is happy they still have to spend their last day with Shiki. Aya also joined them wearing new clothes. Kabane says he will take care of Aya while she does her job.

Aya tells Inugami that she works at the clinic with Ohana. Shiki thought he was too young to work. She asked Kabane to stop her, and Kabane replied that she used her powers to help patients. Aya tells Inugami that the silk will be used to heal the patient. He starts to do an investigation about the last fight that Kabane has.

Aya says she is impressed by Kabane’s skills and asks if he has a girlfriend. Kabane agrees to date Aya. Akira and Shiki can’t believe it because Kabane doesn’t know what dating means. Akira asks Kabane what it means to date someone. Kabane says it means doing something with someone.

Kon arrives and tells Kabane that he is getting stronger, he can come and fight him. She notices that Aya is holding Kabane and approaches her, wondering why she is holding Kabane. Inugami commented that they could put the fun aside and start a business. The news reporter revealed that a woman was found injured and had facial wounds in Harajuku. No hints from the attacker; the police are currently researching for the suspect.

Kemono named Katanashi

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Kabane is worried if the case has something to do with Kemono. Kon decided to help, and he was sent with Kabane and Aya. When they arrived at the scene, they met a police officer. He told them that no children were allowed here; that is dangerous. Kabane informed the officers that Inugami sent them, and he allowed them through. Kabane told Aya and Kon to be careful because he could feel Kemono’s scent.

Kon was left behind because he couldn’t bear to see Aya holding on to Kabane. When he was alone, he heard voices. The voices told him they could help him. Aya is pulled by an invisible woman. Kabane lands a punch and saves Aya, and the invisible woman becomes visible. Kabane asks why he attacks women, and he replies that he wants to look like them.

The woman reveals that she is a Kemono named Katanashi. He revealed that he took the faces of all beautiful women. She did that because she fell in love with a handsome man and he wasn’t beautiful. Beautiful women were always hanging around him, and he couldn’t bear to look at them. Aya used the silk and helped Katanashi to benefit humanity.

Kemono Jihen Episode 10 Preview

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