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Well, as fans know that Keeper of the Lost Cities is a world famous book series that has been written by Shannon Messenger. Currently, there are nine volumes of books available to readers. But the most exciting news came out for fans when fans heard that Ben Affleck was attached to a new project and directed a film based on his story. As for his books, the story has been published in multiple languages, including English, French and Russian, as well as Spanish. Announcement for a film based on ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ is out in January 2021. Unfortunately, the release date for this upcoming film has not yet been decided by the creator.

The book series began in November 2012, and the authors continue to issue volumes of jewels every year. The eighth book in the series was published on November 17, 2020 and is titled Unlocked. The ninth and most recent book in the series is titled Unknown, and will be out in November 2021. If the story continues, we may find more books in the series. Even Shannon Messenger has provided various pointers about the tenth book in the series.

Keeper of the Lost Cities – director Ben Affleck

Keeper of the Lost Cities – What’s the story?

The story of the ‘Lost City Guardian’ highlights Sophie Foster. This character is quite unique and completely unlike other humans around him. It wasn’t just the fact that he was a genius and superhuman, he even possessed abilities like no other. Yes, the main protagonist of our story is able to read minds. He assumed that no one else in this world possessed any particular ability. Later in the scene, Sophie comes across a cute boy who has round eyes. Along the lines of the book, their friendship begins to grow but before long, her world is filled with confusion and shock when this man tells her he isn’t human. Actually, this boy is a fairy.

Throughout the story written in the nine book series, we watch Sophie pack her bags and set off on a journey of pain and discovery and even find love in the midst of it all. But the real question comes to our minds as the situation around Sophie starts to get worse, and all we can think about is whether she can get out of all this mess alive? Sophie is tough. He battled the hardships that sent a group of elves named Neverseen into his path. During this time, his journey was rocked by all the new people he met on the track and all the new things he witnessed for the first time. He is not alone in his story. Her friends, as well as relatives and family, helped her through all the joy and sorrow.

Keeper of the Lost Cities – Release Date and Production Details

Throughout the book’s journey, Sophie has discovered five different kinds of abilities in herself, and that’s how people will sit and think that Sophie will easily win the race against these elves. But the point is, the Elves always seem to be one step ahead of him. Sophie, at first, even though she is the strongest person and nothing can beat her when she is kidnapped and experiences the outside world, all her hopes are gone. Each time, at every turn of her life, she wondered if things could get any worse, and yes, things started to get worse than she thought in the first place.

Sophie is still working her way through it all as she uncovers the betrayal and loss she always believed was never possible. Also, Sophie is not alone in all of her fights and fights. By her side, she has family and friends and Black Swan to help her through every journey and hardship her life has to offer. As far as films have to go, the media knows that Ben Affleck is set to direct the film based on Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities for Disney. He will also be producing the story through his Pearl Street Banner. Kate Gritmon has been appointed to write the script for the film.

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