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The truly gorgeous South Korean series is a romantic one released in 2020. This drama has created its own hype among young people and Korean drama fans. The drama is available on leading k drama platforms such as Viki, Viu, Dramacool, and telegram. Unfortunately, this series is not available on Netflix, also the franchise is planning to add the series to the list in the near future. The rating for the drama is quite good, IMDb gives a rating of 8.1 while MyDramaList gives a rating of 8.4. The serial genre is romantic comedy and drama. There are a total of 16 episodes in season 1 whose duration varies with each episode.

Star Cast of True Beauty

This drama stars Cha Eun-woo as (Lee Su Ho), Hwang In-Yeop as (Han Seon -Joon), Moon Ga-Young as (Lim Ju-Kyung), Park Yoo-Na as (Kang Soo-Jin) . These are the main characters of the plot series that revolve around them. This drama also stars Kang Min-ah as (Choi Soo-ah), Kang Chan-hee as (Jung See-Yeon), Im Se-mi as (Im Hee-Kyung), Lee Jae-Wook as (Baek Kyung) , Hye won Jyun as (Park Se Mi), Oh Eui-shik as (Han Jun-woo), Jang Hye-jin as (Hong Hyun-sook), Park Ho-san as (Lim Jae-Pil) as a supporting role. There are also other additional characters who have had roles here and there in the running series to support it.


The plot of the True Beauty series is one of the typical romantic series. This drama is about Lim Ju-Kyung (Moon Ga-Young) who was born with an average appearance and is called ugly from the beginning of the series. He is very skeptical about his appearance as he follows his mother who is a woman of mediocre appearance. He has two siblings, Im Hee-Kyung and Im Ju-Young, both of whom are attractive and similar to their father. Lim Ju-Kyung was bullied by his friends and classmates at Yongpa High School.

She loses her pride when she proposes to a senior guy who works in the cafeteria and she turns him down after calling him ugly. She was bullied by her classmates when they videotaped the entire incident and posted it on the school community wall. The whole school knows him which makes him want to leave school and start over at a new school. The wish was granted after his father was deceived by a fraud and the money they earned was changed.

Before transferring to a new school, Lim Ju-Kyung studied the world of makeup and how she can completely transform herself by applying it. She takes video lessons to learn about makeup and transformation. He moved to a new school in his old town. Saebom Middle School is a new start for Lim Ju-Kyung as she discovers a world where people admire her beauty and want to befriend her who was completely lost in her last school. He got a world of acceptance and the happiness of him befriending and hanging out with them, it was a whole new experience for him. Makeup took total priority because it was the only thing hiding her true identity.


At Saebom Middle School he found Lee Su-ho, the most attractive boy in school. He is born handsome and smart at the same time. Lee Su Ho has a cold nature he doesn’t have many friends except for Kang Soo-Jin who was a childhood friend. She keeps away from everyone and focuses on her life. His father was a mobile entertainment owner. She clashes with her father, they don’t share a healthy bond that changes at the end of the drama. The plot introduces Han Seo-Joon who is a handsome boy who gets himself involved in punk. He’s a typical criminal. He met Lim Ju-Kyung in an accident when he accidentally ran towards his bicycle and they both clashed.

The story turns out to be a typical love triangle where Han Seo-Joon and Lee Su Ho have a crush on Lim Ju-Kyung while Kang Soo-Jin has a crush on Lee Su Ho. The plot turns out to be ugly when the trio Lim Ju-Kyung, Kang Soo-Jin, and Choi Soo-A break up because of Lim Ju-Kyung and Su Ho’s relationship. The plot changes when Kang Soo-Jin decides to intervene in the relationship and ruins everything between Su Ho and Lim Ju-Kyung. Friends turn to enemies and the plot turns into a scenario of revenge.

Meanwhile, there is an inter-story where the phase of Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon’s friendship and the reasons for their break-up are shown. Also, the reason behind the death of a friend of Jeong Se-Yeon is shown. The plot is about how it impacts the mental health of both Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon’s friends.

The story turns to a climax when Saebom High School finds out the real identity of Lim Ju Kyung. He lost his confidence again. This time he returned to his confidence in his appearance because Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon were there to support him. He turned out to be more confident. Su Ho leaves in an emergency leaving Lim Ju Kyung behind. Her father is not well in the state and she goes there to see him. There was a jump of two years where Han Seo-Joon and Lim Ju Kyung became best friends with each other and Su Ho apparently broke up. The reason for the separation was distance because he wasn’t sure when he would return.

At the end of the series, Su Ho and Lim Ju Kyung ended up together while Han Seo-Joon joined the band and realized his dream of becoming a singer.

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The drama True beauty is a romantic comedy that sheds light on several serious topics. The depiction of appearance and how it can affect one person is an issue that is focused on in the whole drama. This drama has a distinctive touch. You will definitely come across Han Seo-Joon’s second major syndrome as he takes over the drama at all costs. This series will definitely make you fall in love again because the representations of love shown are pure and unbreakable. Overall, this drama leads to a drama that has a basic plot.

This drama is very similar to the beauty of My Id Is Gangnam. Her impressive acting and plot representations certainly grab the audience’s attention to find out what will happen next. Curiosity will be on the mind when watching the series. There is character development in the drama which is interesting as the character grows that motivates the audience.

One thing that wasn’t so great was the ending of the drama. The audience expected some drama but it ended on a simple note and a happy ending. Su Ho and Lim Ju Kyung go together, while Han Seo-Joon is very sad. She shows interest and passion for singing as a career. The ending is not the best in a drama that captivates viewers.

There are many hidden messages conveyed by the drama. One of them is about mental health and suicide and how this is taking over other people’s lives. Second, how appearances can force someone to rethink it because of what other people say and judge. Another message conveyed by this series is the bond between parent and child, how parents should understand what a child is experiencing. Love is what we all need beautifully represented in drama. It also describes how someone can change your life and increase your self-confidence. One best friend can equal 10 fake people.

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