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Kamisama no Karute is an ongoing Japanese drama. The drama is shown on TV Tokyo and on Tencent videos. The directors of this series are Shosuke Murakami, Masaaki Taniguchi, Hajime Hashimoto. The screenwriter is Morishita Tadashi. This drama is about the life of Ichito Kurihara, a doctor at a small hospital in Nagano Prefecture.

It mainly shows the life, problems and world of a doctor’s relationships and how he manages everything. This drama is an adaptation of a novel called Kamisama no Karute. This was written by Sosuke Natsukawa. It will be published on August 27, 2009, by Shogakukan. The series will premiere on February 15, 2021. The drama is easily available to watch on online platforms. There is no official website that broadcasts this special event.

The rating of the ongoing drama is worth seeing. This drama got a rating of 9 on MyDramaList. The ratings are pretty good according to the people who watched the drama. People like dramas that can be easily guessed through the ratings. This drama comes with a total of 4 episodes.

Three episodes have been released while the last one will be released soon. This episode will be out on March 8, 2021, Monday. Each episode is 1 hour 25 minutes long. The serial genres are Life, Drama, and Medical. The drama is also titled In His Chart, God’s Chart, God’s Medical Records. The drama will air on March 8, 2021.

Kamisama no Karute star cast

The Kamisama no Karute drama is an ongoing Japanese drama starring Fukushi Sota as Kurihara Ichito and Seino Nana as Kurihara Haruna. The story revolves around these two characters. They are the main actors of the drama. The main story focuses on Kurihara Ichito’s life.

Another actor who supports the plot and the main character is Uesugi Shuhei as Sunayama Jiro [Surgeon], Niiyama Chiharu as Tomura Katsuko [Nurse], hara Rikka as Kazunashi Yoko [Nurse], Uehara Miku as Mikage Miyuki [Nurse], Murasugi Seminosuke as Oyamada Hideaki [Cardiologist], Tsubokura Yoshiyuki as [Bar master], Ohkura Koji as Danshaku, Watanabe Ikkei as Kanayama Benji [Secretary-general], Oshima Yuko as Tozai Naomi [Nurse], Issey Ogata as Naito Kamoichi [Deputy Director], and Kitaoji Kinya as Itagaki Genzo [Director].

Others who joined the cast and gave their guest appearances were Fubuki Jun as Azumi Kiyoko (Ep 1), Okayama Amane as Tachibana Sensuke (Episode 1), Miyazawa Emma as Tachibana Kaede (Ep 1), Nakamura Aoi as Shindo Tatsuya (Ep 2), Takahashi Hitomi as Naito Chiyo (Ep 2), Fujii Mina as Shiga Aiko (Ep 2), Ohashi Akira as Aida Hikoichi (Ep 2), Shinagawa Toru as Sonshichi Tomekawa (Ep 2), Mizuno Miki as Obata Nami (Ep 3), Ito Shiro as Shimauchi Kozo (Ep 3), Takezai Terunosuke as Sakakibara Nobuyuki (Ep. 3), and Matsukura Kaito as Shimauchi Kenji (Ep 3).

Some of the artists who played unknown roles in the series are Hirayama Yusuke, Ogura Ichiro, Kuroda Daisuke, and Misaki Rion.

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kamisama no karute Episode 2 Review

Synopsis of Kamisama no Karute

The Kamisama no Karute drama is an ongoing Japanese drama. This drama revolves around the main character Ichito Kurihara (Sota Fukushi). He is a doctor at a small hospital in Nagano Prefecture. He has worked at the hospital for quite a long time. Hospitals are understaffed and also don’t have enough good doctors. This caused Ichito Kurihara to face difficulties in his life related to the medical field. He couldn’t grow up in the hospital. He is always busy with patients. Sometimes she couldn’t sleep for 3 days in a row due to workload and pressure. The work must be very busy for him.

His wife, Haru, is very supportive of him. She always stood up for him in every way possible. Haru is the main reason why Ichito can work and focus. One good day he received a letter from the university hospital from which he got his degree. The letter gave him a chance. This is a job letter for her as she got a chance for a position at the University Hospital. This is a golden opportunity for him. Using this opportunity she can spend more time with Haru and lead a stable life. He can also grow a lot with his subject and field knowledge.

There he can learn about the latest techniques in medicine. Ichito Kurihara wanted to approve a job letter or opportunity but he also wanted to be patient. The patients were the ones who were turned away from the university hospital because they were told it was too late for treatment. The thing that had to be seen was whether Ichito Kurihara would accept the offer. Will he leave the hospital or will he continue to serve in the same hospital.

Episode 2 Summary

Kamisama no Karute is an ongoing Japanese drama starring Fukushi Sota as Ichito Kurihara. This drama is about the life of a doctor named Ichito Kurihara. The complete series is made in a hospital with a smaller number of patients. What is more concerning is the hospital staff is very small. There are very few doctors and services available. The drama is set in a small hospital in Nagano Prefecture. This drama is about the lives of doctors and their busy daily life schedules.

Episode 2 starts with a child who was injected from Ichito Kurihara and cries loudly. She was crying near Ichito Kurihara’s ear and she tried to cover hers. They left the room and another middle aged man arrived at the room. He started to tell his problem. Ichito Kurihara was quite tired and was still checking it out. Then the scene changes where she doesn’t use about the patient’s health in the hospital.

As they talked, they saw a couple of elderly patients hospitalized. The man walks the woman in a wheelchair and they spend some quality time. He sees the couple and gets happy seeing them. Men and women have a special bond that everyone will fall in love with. The series continues and we can see there is a long conversation between Ichito Kurihara and Shindo Tatsuya who is a surgeon over a girl. He was talking about Kurihara Haruna who was the wife of Ichito Kurihara.

The two of them had a long conversation. The series is slow and steady where Ichito Kurihara receives the letter as well and he consults with everyone. Everyone at the hospital was somewhat skeptical that Ichito Kurihara would leave the hospital or stay there. The patients also adore Ichito Kurihara and don’t want him to leave. A similar feeling existed from his side. He wants to join a new hospital but he still wants to treat patients. The hard times for everyone turned to be more difficult when the old couple who roamed the wife’s hospital turned sicker after that time and were in their last few breaths.

Plot continuation …

The doctors assured the old man that they would work hard to save his wife but in the end, he died. The moment was quite heartbreaking as he could not digest the words. He sang a song for his wife who held his hand and the next day he too died and everyone was shaken. The bad news doesn’t end here. Ichito Kurihara met Ogura Ichiro and his wife the next day. He is the owner / or director of the hospital. Ogura Ichiro and Ichito Kurihara have a special bond. They exchanged words and their wives also met.

The doctor collapsed due to a heart attack and at that point the cardiologist told them that he only had a few days left on his hands. Hearing this everyone went into shock. Seeing health decline everyone is emotional and doesn’t know what to do. They all prepare a special moment for him where they make him look up at the night sky full of stars. It was special to him and he couldn’t hold back his emotions coming out.

The next day he died. This is happening here, where yet another man comes and asks them to tear down the hospital. The owner passed away but this problem was resolved by Itagaki Genzo who was the hospital director. The final moments occurred and ended with Genzo Itagaki crying over the loss of his friend. She was crying hard which made everyone emotional.
This drama is good enough, not overly, it will get boring at some other point but the essence is good. The plot is good; the tension of choosing another job is still there. Overall, this drama is a roller coaster ride for Ichito Kurihara and how his life changes and what his decisions ultimately are.

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