Kala OTT film release date confirmed: Tovino Thomas starred in stream on Aha

Not more than a week ago, Kala streamed the 2021 Malayalam language film on Amazon Prime Video. And now this action thriller is ready for OTT release in Telugu. While the Kala teaser and trailer are yet to be released, the release date for the film’s OTT and streaming platform has been announced.

Tamil and Malayalam films dubbed into Telugu are already a trend. Even though the month of May has been showered with OTT, these dubbed films are always a target. With Kala following demands for a dubbing release on Telugu, Aha, the exclusive OTT Telugu platform announced that Kala will stream on the OTT platform on June 4th.

The Malayalam Kala film premiered on March 25, 2021 and stars Tovino Thomas and Sumesh Moor in the lead roles. The plot is about an uneducated person – a genius attitude. With a stubborn attitude that places himself above others, the lead actor is depicted as putting himself in soup over and over again in the film. No doubt Shaji (Tovino Thomas) is depicted as an aspiring character who wants to start his own business, but all fail because of the attitude he carries.

Kala does not make a story centered on stubborn characters, and also presents a psychological thriller that tells the story of the death of an adorable dog. With the dog’s death, two people turn the film into a violent conflict over a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland.

As Malayalam audiences said after watching the film, Kala is a visual treat for action lovers. Reviewers also draw insights and lessons on tradeoffs from the film. This film is about selfishness not living your life your way, but expecting others to live your life your way.

With the morale to take home and taste the plot from his brother stated, the Malayalam film, Kala will definitely live up to all his expectations on the OTT release date, June 4th in Aha.

Watch the Malayalam trailer here:

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