John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Was John Killed In The End? (Articles ready)

John Wick 2 is an American action and thriller film that was very successful at the box office. This film broke many high-flying box office records. Today, we are here to share a complete glimpse of the ending of this film and will fully explain the ending of the film and will also highlight the plot. The film begins with John Wick retrieving his Ford Mustang from Viggo’s late brother, Abram Tarason, which was stolen. He left Tarasov’s men in a riot which caused heavy damage to Mustang, but he saved Tarasov under a promise of peace and eventually returned to his home.

Later, John gets a surprise visit from Santino D’Antonio, who is Camorra’s crime boss, and he reminds John that it was he who helped John complete his impossible task, which allowed him to eventually retire and marry Helen. In return for that, John had promised to tag him. Santino then presents a marker to demand some service from John who refuses. Then, in anger Santino destroys John’s house. John then goes to the Continental Hotel in New York, where Winston makes him remember that if he refuses the marker, he will be violating one of the two unbreakable underworld rules.

John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Was John Killed In The End?

Overview of this film

After this, John finally accepts it and meets Santino, who assigns John to kill his younger brother Gianna so he can claim his seat at the High Table. Meanwhile, Santino still doesn’t trust John completely, therefore, he sends his mute bodyguards to watch over John during the mission. Later in Italy, John reaches out to Gianna and tells the truth, and Gianna chooses to commit suicide by cutting the twist. When he died. John shot his head to meet the marker. While he was leaving, he was attacked by Gianna’s bodyguards. John flees from there, and he meets Santino’s henchmen and kills them all.

But then He is chased by Cassian, and they reach the reception area. John explains everything to Cassian, but Cassian wants revenge and wants to kill John out of respect. John then returned to New York after completing his mission. Santino opens a $ 7 million contract to kill John under a false statement of avenging his sister. This causes many assassins to try to kill John, but everyone is unsuccessful. Cassian then met John on the subway and attacked him with a knife leaving him unconscious.

John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Was John Killed In The End?

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Then badly injured, John asks for help from an underground crime boss known as the Bowery King, and his team helps John to recover from his injuries. Bowery King then gave John a pistol with only seven bullets and sent it to the art museum where Santino was located. John kills all the henchmen as well as kills Ares, and Santino tries to escape from them, but despite Winston’s warning, John shoots and kills Dantino in the waiting room, leading to a policy violation. John runs away from them and Winston doubles the contract on him and prohibits him from all privileges to the underworld.

John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Was John Killed In The End?

John Wick: Main Character of This Film

John Wick 2 Ending Explained

But on this film, said to be moving towards the end, Winston postponed announcing John’s former communication by an hour to give him a head start and also give him a marker for future use. But before leaving, a very brave and confident John advises Winston to explain every killer for the High Table to anyone who will try to hunt him down will be killed by him. John then departed from there with his dog when Winston finally announced that John’s former communication was active within an hour.

As the contract finally activated, all the cell phones around him started ringing, and he finally started running. Here this mind-boggling action and crime film finally ends up taking a very high note leaving a cliffhanger behind. This was deliberately done by the creators because they already had an amazing storyline in mind for the third installment of this film. As of now, we’ve shared all the major details about the ending of the film, and we hope that things are clear by now and for further updates like this, stay tuned to the site.

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