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Remember that Reincarnation Without Work has only two episodes left; make sure not to miss it. Eris’s tenth birthday arrives, and Rudy saves Eris from embarrassment. Eris can’t keep up with the other nobles in the middle of the dance. But Rudy stepped in and put on a great performance with Eris. The party goes well, and Rudy makes Eris’s day perfect. Rudy continues to train Eris until they reach an agreement.

Rudy realized that he didn’t learn English in his past, but the new language was fun for him. Ghasline trains with Eris outside. Rudy hears the swords clashing and decides to watch it. He realized that two years had passed since Eris’s birthday, and Eris was improving quickly. Eris had reached the Advanced Rank of the Sword-God Style in no time. He noticed that there was a huge gap in talent between him and Eris.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 9 Release Date

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 9 will be released on Monday, March 8, 2021, at 12:00 JST on Netflix and AnimeLab. Below, we’ll take a look at previous Unemployment Reincarnation updates and episodes. You can also check out Eris’s birthday here: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 8.

Previously on Jobless Reincarnation Episode 8

The next morning, Eris plans to surprise Rudy on his tenth birthday. Rudy notices that Eris and the servants are up to something. He came out, thinking about how the Boreas family had hidden his identity. They did this to prevent political strife, and residents around town saw Rudy as an ordinary person. Rudy has just found out that he recently learned that Paul’s full name is Paul Notos Greyrat.

Unemployment Reincarnation

Unemployed Reincarnation

Greyrat family

The Notus family is one of the four main Greyrat families, and their head is Paul’s brother. Paul’s brother is even worse than Paul. The family plans to replace Paul’s brother. Rudy didn’t want the members of Notus ‘lineage to be under Boreas’ protection. He thought that it might lead to some unwanted misunderstanding. Rudy is thinking of throwing a big party like Eris did. He realized that the nobles were planning a private tenth birthday party for him.

He plays tennis alone, wonders about the Greyrat family, and realizes that it has been almost ten years since he reincarnated in this world. Later, Rudy acted as if he didn’t notice anything. He asks Ghasline why everyone is busy, and he says it seems like a normal day to him. She realized that it was difficult to lie in front of Rudy. Ghasline changed the topic and spoke about the language Rudy had studied for two years.

Rudy reveals that he has discovered the Beast-God language, and it’s all thanks to him. Ghasline tries his best to keep Rudy in the room so that the surprise doesn’t spoil. Rudy realized that to this day, and he continues to act because he has forgotten this special day. The two of them continued to talk about different things. Rudy wanted to grab a snack, but Ghasline stopped him by showing the muscles in his butt.

Rudy’s birthday

Unemployed Reincarnation

Unemployment Reincarnation

The servant enters the room and signals Ghasline that it is time. Rudy heads to hall, and everyone wishes him happy birthday. Eris gives Rudy flowers, and she wishes him happy birthday. Rudy notices that Paul’s wife didn’t wish him happy birthday. She puts on an act, and she bursts into tears, giving a heartwarming speech. The old grandpa was carried away by Rudy’s speech. She starts shedding tears and says she feels like making Rudy head of family.

Philip tells his father to stop talking because his brother may discover that they are planning to take the throne. Paul’s wife also got carried away, and she hugged Rudy while squeezing his chest. Rudy kisses him and feels like he is in heaven, and he comments to himself that he has done a great thing. Paul’s wife continued to squeeze Rudy’s face with her chest. She says she feels she can adopt Rudy.

Something crossed his mind and said Rudy could marry Eris. Eris was shocked, and her mother asked her if her Rudy wasn’t good enough for Eris. Eris replied that Rudy was only ten years old and he was twelve years old. His mother told him that age had nothing to do with marriage. Paul sent his wife to his room so they could discuss the matter later. They celebrated Rudy’s party in style and gifted him Aqua Heartia.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 9 Preview

In a matter of three weeks, we will complete Jobless Reincarnation. We will always provide you with the latest updates and news. For this week, that’s the Jobless Reincarnation Episode 9 update.

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