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In the morning, Philip praises Rudy for winning over his daughter by listening to Eris. Rudy comments that he knows why they kidnapped Eris, but he doesn’t understand why she was kidnapped. Philip reveals that there are many uses for members of the Greyrat line, both politically and physically. Rudy comments that he understands and realized Ghislane handled the kidnapping himself. The two of them enjoy playing board games together.

While they are still playing, Hilda’s camera returns, and Philip introduces her to Rudy. She tells him Rudy is Paul’s son. Philip says he has hired Rudy as Eri’s new teacher. Rudy greats Hilda and realizes that she is Paul’s wife. He saw her beauty and chest, but Hilda left. Rudy thinks Hilda doesn’t like him, and Paul’s dad came.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 7 will be released on Monday, February 22, 2021, 12:00 AM JST. Every Monday, a new episode of Jobless Reincarnation is released with a new update. This anime is officially available on Netflix, Funimation, andAnimeLab.

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Unemployed Reincarnation

Unemployed Reincarnation

Previously on Jobless Reincarnation Episode 6

Paul’s dad comments that he likes Rudy’s behavior and he should stay that way. The old man sat down and asked Rudy if he was the one who saved Eris. Rudy said whether it was Ghislane. The grandpa asks Rudy if he tried to lie to him, and Rudy says Philip told him. Old grandpa calls Phillips and slaps him, saying that’s how he treats his daughter’s savior. Philip tells his father that Rudy has Greyrat blood.

She wanted to thank Rudy warmly, not just as an expression of gratitude. Rudy noticed that Eris had inherited her grandfather’s non-apologetic behavior. He realized that Eris hit him early, and he never apologized. The grandpa drinks his liquor and tells Rudy he has a request. He tells Rudy that he has to teach Eris magic. The old man also said that Eris couldn’t get the spell Rudy cast from her head.

Magic Mantra

Rudy agreed and looked at the old geezer, thinking that Eris might be trying to imitate the old geezer. Rudy comments that he thinks Eris should come and ask him to teach her magic. The grandpa wakes up and asks Rudy to repeat what he said. Rudy says, what if Eris grows up too arrogant to politely ask what she wants. The grandpa comments that Rudy is wise and right. He took a breath of air and shouted out Eri’s name to come in front of him.

Eris arrived in time, and she asked her grandfather if he had spoken to Rudy. The old man replied that if he wanted something, he could ask for it himself. Eris moves forward towards Rudy. He looks away, and the old man asks him if that’s the way he talks to someone. Eris changes her attitude, and Rudy politely says, please teach Eris magic. Rudy agrees that he will teach her, but she will have to learn to ask questions.

Unemployed Reincarnation

Unemployed Reincarnation

Rudy began training and teaching his magic day and night while Ghislane gave his instructions. Rudy is impressed by Eris’ progress since he managed to create a fireball. A month had passed when Rudy was teaching Eris, and he was worried that she wasn’t listening to her lessons. He thought that he was strong enough to do things on his own. The whole time she tried to convince him, he ran away, and when he caught her, he beat her.

Armored Dragon King

One day Eris misuses her fireball, and she runs away, but Rudy is looking for her. She found him sleeping inside the farmhouse. She tries to talk to him, and he realizes that he’s fast asleep. Rudy smiled and watched Eris’s chest, and he started to seduce her. While touching his chest, he comments that Eris is still an AA, but that she can diligently become an E or greater. Eris turned around, and Rudy thought that this was her chance to continue what she was doing.

When he tries to go inside, Eris wakes up, and Rudy realizes that his hand is in the wrong place. Eris got angry and started showering Rudy hard. He hits Rudy and leaves him lying on the ground. Rudy went and met Ghislane about how he could manage Eris. They started working together and helped Eris with her studies. Ghislane realized that Eris liked stories, and she started telling her old tales.

Rudy has been getting hit every day since he tried to have an affair with Eris. The next day the three of them visited the village. Rudy sees something, and Ghislane asks if he hasn’t seen it. He reveals that it is the flying fortress of Perrugius, the Armored Dragon King. Eris commented that Periguis was one of the three heroes who defeated Demon God Laplace. Laplace is a super evil man who tries to erase humans.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 7 Preview

For this coming Monday, that’s all about Jobless Reincarnation Episode 7. See how Rudy arrived at the Royal palace here: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 6.

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