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This post will focus on Jobless Reincarnation Episode 11. Let’s find out how Rudy and Eris will return to the central continent. Ruijerd decided to help the two of them return home. At night, Eris used her anger and killed a group of wolves by herself. The three of them like to eat wolf meat, and Rudy thought Eris would allow him to kill a few wolves. But Eris killed them all by herself, and she thought leaving like this was fun.

Rudy is thinking about eating beef, but they have no choice but to eat wolf meat and other scavengers. In the morning, Ruijerd traveled with Eris and Rudy towards the town of Rikarisu. When they reached the entrance, Rudy was shocked to see a demon guarding the gate. They watched the demons talking to each other while hiding nearby. Find out more about the Jobless Reincarnation Episode Finale below.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 11 Release Date

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 11 will be released on Monday, March 22, 2021, 12:00 JST AnimeLab, Netflix, and Funimation. Below, we’ll take a look at Jobless Reincarnation’s latest updates and episodes.

Previously on Jobless Reincarnation Episode 10

Eris commented that there are a lot of weird people. Rudy says those demons don’t look like Mirgurd or Superd. Ruijerd reveals that there are many types of demons. The three of them heard the devil speak of a Dead End. Ruijerd said the devil referred to him as a dead end. In some places, people call it a dead end. Rudy thinks it means Ruijerd is equal to death if you meet him.

Eris asks Rudy what they should do about the situation. Ruijerd told them not to worry; he can jump over the hill. Rudy tells him to wait as whole city will panic. Rudy disguises Ruijerd and goes past the devil. They pass by the demons, saying that they are from the village of Migurd. The three of them entered the city of Rikarisu. Eris is stunned by the appearance of the city. But she almost emptied Rudy’s pocket to buy a different outfit.

Unemployment Reincarnation

Unemployment Reincarnation

Demon from the Superd Tribe

Rudy thought there was an Adventure’s Guild in this town. Eris said they could join, and Rudy said they would get money. The two of them overheard into Adventure’s Guild and made a grand entrance. Rudy wears eye patch with armored body. When Rudy and Eris enter the building, they encounter Adventure fight. Some of them challenged each other in arm wrestling. Rudy steals attention and gets all their attention.

One of the muscular men asks Rudy who are you. Rudy was terrified to hear the muscular man’s horse sound. Rudy tried to be firm and told the muscular man not to be afraid when he saw his brother. Ruijerd enters the building, and Rudy comments that he is a demon from the Superd tribe. Rudy reveals that Ruijerd is a great Dead end. The muscular man pauses for a moment, and Rudy asks why they are silent.

He asked if they were afraid after seeing Dead End Ruijerd. The muscular man laughed, looking at Ruijerd’s hairstyle. The Frog reminds Rudy that Supered has green hair. Rudy realized that he had painted Ruijerd blue so they could enter the city. The three beautiful breasted demons tell Rudy that they are about to embark on an F-rank mission. Rudy couldn’t take his eyes off the chest of the beautiful demons. Muscle’s men continue to mock Rudy and his crew.

Superd’s reputation

Unemployment Reincarnation

Unemployment Reincarnation

Eris noticed that Ruijerd might break the muscles of those who taunted them. He finished the form quickly, and they went to their room. Rudy discovers that they have to reach C-Rank to get a killing job. But they were given an F-Rank because they were considered weak. A muscular horse confronts Rudy and tells him he has to trouble himself thinking about high level missions. She can go and find a lost cat, and it suits her well.

The horseman says that even his Blind man can find the missing Kitty in no time with his third eye. They keep teasing Rudy and his friends, but Rudy tells Ruijerd to follow him. The frog wanted to stop Ruijerd from leaving, but Ruijerd just stared at him, and the man let go. When they are outside, Rudy tells Eris not to worry as they are making progress.

He reveals that the massive entry was part of his plan to help the Superd Tribe regain their honor. She told Ruijerd to continue acting as Migurd. Then they fought the demons that tormented the weak. They manage to hold them back, but one of the demons hurts Rudy. Ruijerd saw that they were evil and cut off one of their heads. Rusy tells Ruijerd not to kill again, or it will damage Superd’s reputation.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 11 Preview

That’s all about the last episode of Jobless Reincarnation, read more Jobless Reincarnation Episode 10.

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