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Rudy’s tenth birthday is celebrated in style. But Paul’s wife surprised everyone by saying Eris had to marry Rudy. The nobles also gave Rudy a special gift. In his consciousness, Rudy met The Man-God. The Human-God told him that he had been watching her for a long time. The final episode of Jobless Reincarnation will air next week.

She also tells Rudy that she wants to help him, and he is by her side. Rudy is not impressed that he is reborn in another world. He thought that the game was over for him. Rudy was in his adult form before he was reincarnated as a boy. Rudy tells The Man-God about his past life. The Human-God said he wanted to help him rebuild his future.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 10 Release Date

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 10 will be released on Monday, March 15, 2021, 12:00 JST AnimeLab, Netflix, and Funimation. Below, we’ll take a look at previous Unemployment Reincarnation updates and episodes.

Previously on Jobless Reincarnation Episode 9

Rudy asks The Man-God why is he in this form. She tells Rudy it is her imagination and mentality. Rudy asks will she wake up in this body. The Human God told Rudy that he would return to his normal body. Rudy asks him what he has to do as he wants to return to his world.

The Human God replied that he could send Rudy anywhere outside of the Six Sided World. Rudy concluded that it meant he did not reincarnate into this world. The Human-God revealed that only Dragon-God was better at reincarnation. He told Rudy that he wanted to help him survive in Dragon Continent.

Demon continent

Unemployment Reincarnation

Unemployment Reincarnation

Rudy accepts The Man-God offer, and he tells Rudy that there will be a man nearby when he wakes up. Rudy’s mission is to support and help the man. Rudy wakes up and finds that he is back to normal. He saw Eris nearby, and he couldn’t find Ghasline. When he looked to the other side, he saw Superd. He’s a great Superd and asks if God has sent him. A Superd reveals that Eris and Rudy fell from the sky.

The man says he made fire to warm them and Rudy thanks A Superd for saving them. Rudy asks him if he has seen the beast woman, and he replies that he only found Rudy and Eris. A Superd asks Rudy is he not scared by his looks. Rudy replies that it is disrespectful if they are afraid of someone saving them.

The man reveals that he is Ruijerd Superdia. Rudy asks Ruijerd where they are, and he reveals that they are in Biegoya in the northeast of the Demon Continent. Rudy thought that it would take them a long time before they returned to the Central Continent. Ruijerd asks Rudy why is he in a place like this. Rudy reveals that they got caught in which disaster was big and landed here. Ruijerd said he would take her to his homeland.

Eris wakes up and starts screaming after seeing Superd. She cried, thinking they had been kidnapped. Ruijerd said it was a normal reaction. Rudy comments that it means he isn’t normal as he didn’t scream the first time he saw Ruijerd. Rudy explained everything to a trembling Eris. He greeted Ruijerd and then him.

Roxy Village

Unemployment Reincarnation

Unemployment Reincarnation

The two of them started getting along, and Eris thought the fairy tale about Superd was true. He had discovered that it was just a story for children not to stay outside at night. In the morning, the two of them left, and Eris thought they were going on an adventure. They arrive at a nearby village and meet Rowin. Rowin commented that the two of them looked suspicious so they couldn’t enter. But the head of Rokku village came and let them in.

She is impressed that Rudy knows a different language. My skirt sees the necklace on Rudy’s chest, and he asks who gave it to her. Rusy said her master Roxy gave her the necklace. Rowin commented that Roxy is her daughter’s name. Rudy thought he would meet Roxy whom he would soon get to know. As they took a walk, he found that every girl in the village was named Roxy, and they both had blue hair.

Rowin said her daughter has been leaving the village for more than twenty years, and she has not been in contact with him. Rudy realized that he was talking to his in-laws and he was in Roxy’s village. Rowin asked if Roxy was okay, and Rudy said yes. She reveals that Roxy is now forty years old. Rudy asks how long does her race live. Rowin said they could live for 200 years. Ruijurd tells Rudy how Lapalace betrayed them and forced them to fight against the Demon Race.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 10 Preview

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