Is a Good Four Days Movie Based on a True Story? A Story of Last Hope, Last Effort


Four Good Days is an American drama film released in 2020. The film is believed to be based on journalist Eli Saslow’s journalist published in the Washington Post in 2016. The article is entitled “How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction. ”The film was directed by Rodrigo García, and the screenplay was made by Rodrigo García and Eli Saslow. Four Good Days is produced by Rodrigo García, Jon Avnet, Jake Avnet, Marina Grasic and Jai Khanna. The film will premiere on January 25, 2020 at the Sundance Film Festival.

This film stars Glenn Close, Mila Kunis, and Stephen Root as the main characters. The duration of this film is 100 minutes. This film is about a drug addict who tries his best to escape his addiction for his good. And on the other hand, her mother is also doing her best to help her daughter get out of her addiction and rebuild the faded bond between mother and daughter.

Plot Overview, Four Good Days

Is a Good Four Days Movie Based on a True Story?  A Story of Last Hope, Last Effort.

Mila Kunis as Molly in the film Four Good Days

The main character of this film is Molly, played by Mila Kunis. Molly is a 31 year old long-term heroin addict; he has been battling his addiction for nearly 10 years. Molly has two children, but she was separated from them because of drug addiction. Molly initially took drugs for the first time in her teens according to medical advice, and it turned out to be the worst curse that ended up pushing her to hell. His opioid addiction turned into a heroin addiction, where he pushed needles through his body endlessly, and he spent ten years of his life in a terrifying world, far away from the people he loved. She was sent to a rehabilitation center thirteen times, but she failed to break free from her addiction and was able to escape from rehab every time. Everyone lost hope of him, including his mother.

The scene opens with Molly knocking on the door and not being greeted by the old woman who closed the door after seeing her. The old woman is Deb, played by Glenn Close, Molly’s estranged mother, who lives with her second husband, Chris, played by Stephen Root. Deb is almost desperate to get her daughter back to normal because she always fails to turn her daughter into a sober person. She was devastated and disappointed that her daughter kept cheating on her; Molly always broke her trust, stealing from it.

He looks tough in the first scene, but his daughter’s dire state begs in front of him to save him from the demon who keeps pulling him back. Deb relented and decided to give her daughter a last chance, giving her daughter a last resort. Deb once again saw the sad state of her daughter, who was thin and haggard with dirty skin and hair, her teeth suffering from gum disease, a stark contrast to her teenage years when she was bright, positive and always had a smile on her face.

Molly seeks medical help from an opioid antagonist to break her addiction. To stop her addiction, she has to be injected with naltrexone every month, a chemical to reduce the urge to take drugs, and which can make her regain consciousness permanently. However, in order to receive the injection, he must avoid any addictions that can make him intoxicated. The trip seemed impossible for Molly, who was unable to avoid drugs for even a day, but her mother decided to give all her potential to help her daughter for another four days as she saw it as her last resort to get her daughter back.

Is a Good Four Days Movie Based on a True Story?

Is a Good Four Days Movie Based on a True Story?  A Story of Last Hope, Last Effort.

Deb and Molly, mother and child couple, try to stick together in the struggle.

The emotional storyline of this story captured the attention and sympathy of the audience, along with the actors’ brilliant performances. The mother-daughter dynamics are so intense and also the main reason why this film has the potential to make a place of its own. The final hospital scene was the strongest scene and it clenched the hearts of the viewers. Glenn Close, who plays Deb, and Rodrigo Garcia, the film’s director, are Oscar-nominated artists, and the two have worked together before, and they are making a strong comeback.

The film Four Good Days is based on the real life story of Amanda Wendler, and Libby Alexander was covered in a journal by Pulitzer Prize winner Eli Saslow in 2016, titled How’s Amanda ‘A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction.


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