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‘True Beauty’ has become a popular South Korean series. It is based on the popular LINE webtoon of the same name written by Kim Na Young, who uses the pen name ‘Yaongyi’ which roughly means ‘cat’ or ‘meow.’ Kim Na Young has been the talk of a city that is gaining a lot of fans and fame since the webtoon ‘True Beauty’ was adapted into a Korean drama series. He is actively posting on Instagram sharing updates on his life with his fans. His Instagram posts continue to shake the world of Netizens and their fans.

True Beauty Author Reveals about Her Single Parenthood:

True Beauty Author reveals single parents

Taken from meow91_ via Instagram

On February 16, 2021, Yaongyi post on her Instagram reveals that she is a single mother. The post is a photo of her with her son. It even has a touching caption that speaks of the struggles she has had to go through as a single mother. Her marriage was unsuccessful, and she has been a divorced mother ever since. Society does not view single mothers with dignity; However, Yaongyi never gave up. She claims in her post that her son is the most precious human to her, and she will continue to work hard for him. Fans showed immense support in the comments section of the same post.

True Beauty Writer Posts A Worrying Message:



The other post is a worrying message that has now been deleted. The post is about how she can’t juggle her career and upbringing as a single mother. Post roughly translates to:

“I don’t have a rest day. I think most working mothers are like that. I stayed up all night working but not being able to spend time with my child made me feel even more guilty, like a criminal. If I’m not positive about it, I don’t think I’ll be able to leave it there, so I try not to think bad thoughts. But every day, I have to pay attention to how other people think, and extreme thoughts come to me. There’s nothing I do well, and it seems like I just annoy those around me… I think if I go, everyone will be happy. “

This message broke the hearts of many fans, and they spammed the comments section to encourage, appreciate his work, and ask him to take care of his health.

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True Beauty fans compare Yaongyi to the protagonist:

TRUE BEAUTY main character

Taken from meow91_ via Instagram

Yaongyi has always been popular for its visuals, but fans have recently noticed the striking resemblance between 29-year-old writer Kim Na Young and the female lead, Lim Ju Gyung from the webtoon ‘True Beauty’ which was later adapted for a k-drama.

Yaongyi has talked about being his own inspiration when creating the main character. Maybe this may be the reason why the style of dress and style of makeup are both so familiar. He stated that the character describes not only his appearance but also his personality.

She even shares her makeup tips at a video with the help of which you will be able to reflect his style, and it will make you more involved with the character.

About True Beauty as Webtoon and K-Drama:


TRUE BEAUTY WEB SERIES – Bon Factory Worldwide; Studio N

True Beauty is a South Korean romantic comedy drama based on the webtoon ‘True Beauty.’ It’s about a high school student named Lim Ju Gyung, played by Moon Ga Young, who became popular overnight with her YouTube makeup tutorial. She transformed herself from nerdy girl to crush girl with her makeup skills. The plot even has a love triangle with two male main characters named Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jun, played by Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop respectively. The show aired its first episode on December 9, 2020 and has a total of sixteen episodes, each one hour and fifteen minutes long.

That show and webtoon the two of them received great love and support among the youths due to the fact that they found it quite enjoyable. They can connect with the characters, and emotions run high.

You can watch the show ‘True Beauty’ on Viki, and if you are a reader, then you can read the webtoon ‘True Beauty’ in the app named WEBTOON.

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