Indian Idol 12: Zeenat Aman is a compliment to Shanmukha Priya

Indian Idol Season 12 is all set to celebrate 50 years of legendary and evergreen Bollywood icon Zeenat Aman in the film industry. In honor of past actresses who have given impressive performances in films such as Don (1978) and Satyam Shivan Sundaram (1978), all contestants of the show will be seen entertaining the actress by singing some of her popular songs. The contestants not only sang Zeenat Aman’s popular songs, but the singers also ensured that the actor traveled back to his youth in nostalgia. To mark this special occasion, Shanmukha Priya has added her unique touch, earning her the praise of past actress Zeenat Aman.

Contestant Shanmukha Priya will be seen singing Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko, dressed as Zeenat Aman. Although this is the happiest moment for Zeenat Aman, he is amazed by Shanmukha Priya’s voice which makes him feel very special. Acknowledging her soulful performance, Zeenat Aman also praised Shanmukha for her performance and shared her anecdote about the song.

Zeenat Aman said, “You sing amazingly and look amazing. That outfit makes you look like a Baby Zeenat version of me.” It is also said that Zeenat Aman has always been ahead of his time as a celebrity. So, adding to this, she shared, “During that time, I was only given a salwar kameez to wear for this song, but something didn’t quite fit. Finally, I took it in my hands and chose the costume. In fact, the costumes for the song were designed by me.”

In response to this, Shanmukhapriya said, “To be praised and recognized by such a great icon cannot be expressed in words. I thank everyone who has supported me and pushed me on this journey. Indian Idol and Sony Entertainment Television have given me the platform to make my dreams come true. Not only did I learn a lot but I had the opportunity to perform with and in front of legends.”

The Zeenat Aman tribute episode of Indian Idol 12 will air at 9:30 pm on Saturday, June 2, 2021. Now that the voting line has been opened, here’s how you can vote for your favorite Indian Idol contestant.

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