Imitation Episode 12 Release Date and Preview: The Finale


Imitation is an ongoing South Korean television series and is nearing its end now. Imitation Episode 12 Release Date and Preview is something we will be picking up on today. The drama is quite short and has a total of only 12 episodes and is now nearing its end. The drama will now release its final episode and the ending after that will air. South Korean television series mainly have four main characters. But apart from the main cast, this drama also focuses on all the side characters. Imitation tells the story of idols in the entertainment industry. Their lives, their struggles, and their sacrifices.

From time to time, the pressure can be strong enough to make a person feel morally sad or lose hope. The pressure was sometimes so extreme that one would even think about ending their life. All glitter is not gold, once you get into this industry there is no turning back, whether you make it or lose it. Even after losing, those who still brave and fight are true idols, as shown in Lee Ma Ha’s case. Drama, Imitation was in talks for a while, even before it was released.

Imitation episode 12 release date and preview

Still from drama, Imitation

The promotion of this drama is also quite innovative, as well as the story. But throughout its broadcast, this drama struggled to get viewership ratings. Although the rank gradually increased with time but did not meet the heights. This is the last week of the drama and will reveal the final chapter of this whole story. So, before going any further let’s take a look at the Release Date of Episode 12 Imitation and its preview.

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When will Imitation Episode 12 Release?

Imitation Episode 12 will release on July 23, 2021. The drama airs one episode every week on Fridays at the 23:20 time slot. This is the last week for the drama, because the 12th episode is the last episode, after which it will be aired. We are sad for the drama to end, at the same time quite curious to know the ending story. Lee Ma Ha and Kwon Ryok are love birds in the drama. Kwon Ryok is a star idol and the most popular member of Shax. Meanwhile, Lee Ma Ha is a member of the new K-pop girl group Tea Party.

Release date of episode 12 imitation

The main lead of the drama, Imitation

Imitation has been adapted from the webtoon by Park Kyung Ran of the same name. As the relationship between Lee Ma Ha and Kwon Ryok begins to develop, they face problems when their relationship is revealed. The series airs on its original network KBS2 and can also be watched on online streaming sites Viki along with subtitles. The secrets surrounding Annie were revealed while La Li Ma also took a step towards the Tea Party. How the drama ends up and what the final relationship status of the couple in the drama will be, will also be revealed with the release of the final episode.

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Preview: Imitation Episode 12

The Imitation Episode 12 preview has been released by the production. The preview of the 12th episode below gives us a detailed look at what we can expect from the upcoming final episode. We’ll also see Shax’s team hold a press conference. What the meeting is about, and what revelations they will make we will reveal with the release of the 12th episode. All the idols also started their respective preparations for the MML festival.

Episode 12 imitation preview

A Still from the drama, Imitation

Shax will be making their big entry in MML while Lee Ma Ha and Kwon Ryok’s relationship may also end well. The series is directed by Han Hyun Hee. As for the script writing of the drama, the impersonation has been done under Kim Min Jung and Choi Sun Young. The drama features, Jeong Ji So, Lee Jun Young, Park Ji Yeon, and Jeong Yun Ho in the main lead roles. Drama genres include musical comedy, romance, and drama.

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