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I’m a Spider So What Episode 7 comes with a change in the pace of the anime this week. This anime focuses on different characters improving their skills from the first episode, especially for Kumoko, who is obsessed with gaining more skills and leveling up from the first episode. Well, ever since he was reincarnated into a dungeon, that was the only way he could survive. It was a world of monsters that ate monsters in a dungeon, and that was what Kumoko had been doing.

Either he was eaten, or he had to eat whatever monsters attacked him. Instead, most of his classmates are reincarnated as humans and live in human society. But it looks like there is some conspiracy going on within the magic academy they attend. There are various magicians with them, and one of Kumoko’s classmates is reincarnated as a pet earth dragon. The outside world hasn’t been explored much; thus, we know that most of the students attend the academy with the royal family.

This appears to be a top-level character in the outside world, but a lot more promising action towards that goal. In the previous episode, a certain demon lord made a cameo appearance. And this time, someone who seemed to be his henchman appeared before Natsume, who had just lost her stats to Filmos. Natsume plans to overthrow the kingdom and has his evil plans, but he is found out and stripped of his stats and remains an ordinary citizen.

I’m a Spider So What Episode 8 will be out next week on the anime schedule. New episodes licensed by Crunchyroll and is available for streaming with English subtitles. The anime will run for 24 episodes this season and has been going a little slow, but the upcoming shows are looking promising.

I’m A Spider, So What Episode 7: Natsume’s Plans Revealed.

I'm A Spider, So What Episode 7

I’m A Spider, So What Episode 7

As usual, Kumoko continued by leveling up and picking up more skills. It was basically the only way to survive in this dungeon, and everything that failed to act upon ended up as food for the strong monsters. Kumoko had acquired the taboo, relative-eating skill from the first episode. It didn’t seem like a bad skill from the start. But the kingdom of Analeit magic academy had objections to it.

Feirune also acquired the same skill but kept it a secret. Filmos has Schlain track down whoever has this skill, and he believes that such a person should be killed. But Schlain has just agreed to give up Filmos, and we know that it might become a problem later if Filmos finds out about this. Filmos also advised all of them to refrain from leveling up and gaining more skills and telling them it was a bad thing.

He wouldn’t tell them the reason, but when Natsume was arrested for his greed, he pointed out why he thought leveling up and gaining more skills was a bad idea. Many things have been built by this time; with Natsume stripping all of her skills, she intended for revenge. One of the Demon Lord’s minions appeared before him and intended to help him. This was probably another way they recruited members because the demon lord had unknown powers at this stage.

But he may have a way of giving skills and points to others. Filmos has the ability to take skills from other people, but for now in the anime, we don’t know yet if he took them for himself. She seemed too skilled, so in all likelihood she took them, they belonged to her.

I’m A Spider So What Episode 8 Updates

One of the demon king’s henchmen appears in the final episode, making a proposal to Natsume. Natsume didn’t care how she got her revenge and would follow anyone to see her. Meanwhile, in the basement, Kumoko continued her daily life by leveling up. In the Kingdom, Falmos seemed too strong as he easily dealt with Natsume, who was far more skilled than Schlain. But there seems to be more than just what it seems. So hopefully the next episode will provide more clarity on this.

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