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The battle between the King of the Dungeon Araba and the master of the Annihilating Evil Eye begins. Wakaba meets Araba and challenges her to a deadly battle. He said that he wanted to conquer the dungeon. The two of them started exchanging magic spells trying to knock each other out. Wakaba decides to fight remotely for more advantage. Araba started chasing him, and he released Magic Brains 1 and 2. Magic Brains one and 2 started firing cannons at Araba.

Wakaba noticed that whenever Araba was injured, she regenerated rapidly. He realized that he had no other way to end the battle. Waka decided that he had to make Araba think he was a worthy opponent. Araba let out a dragon’s breath, and Wakaba teleported before the attack hit him. He comments that he hates disturbing Araba in the midst of her dragon breath. Araba noticed that she was mocking him because his dragon breath didn’t hit him.

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Wakaba slammed Araba down, but she hit him with his tail before hitting the ground. Araba protested herself with gravity magic and counterattacked with gravity magic. He tries to confuse Wakaba to focus on his attacks. She appeared behind him, but he dodged it as he tried to swallow it. Wakaba loses balance, but he releases spider webs to get out of Araba’s trap. As he flew using the spider web, he noticed that the entire dungeon had been set up with traps. But he managed to land on his magical shield spell.

Wakaba realizes that his first plan failed because long-range combat was not in his favor. He had used all kinds of Evil Eyes since the battle began, and nothing had worked. Waka wondered why the Annihilating Evil Eye wasn’t working, but Araba was breathless. He had noticed that Arab’s Rot my made him lose his eye.

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider So What

Synthesis of Deadly Poisons

Araba attacked with her claws, and Wakaba dodged it while making a net trap for Araba. He was glad he managed to hold Araba off for now. Wakaba realizes that there are moves he hasn’t tried to use in Araba. He raised his forelegs and released Deadly Poison Synthesis. Waka did a downpour of Deadly Poison and rained down on Araba with his attacks. He asked Araba how the deadly poison tasted. Araba suffered several wounds and began to drill holes in the Wakaba net.

Wakaba notices that Araba will survive the explosion, and he makes repairs to the destroyed web. But Araba fought even though she wasn’t in good shape. He made it out of Wakaba’s lair. Araba tries to swallow Wakaba, and he gets it this time, but she taunts him for falling into his trap. Araba tried to jump back, but it was too late for her. He used his web, deadly poison, and Heretical Magic called Phantom Pain to seal Araba. Wakaba comments that it’s not damaging, but it hurts a lot.

Since Araba had obtained the Pain Super-Mitigation, it would have been quite a while since she had felt something like that. Wakaba realized that Araba would use her breath to escape despite the damage she had caused. He decided to finish him off with all the magic he had before he broke free. As she showered him with heavy blows, Araba managed to break free using her dragon breath. Wakaba leaps away as the web explodes, and Araba appears with a new Tier 10 Flaming Fire Magic. He noticed that Araba had taken all the skills against him.

King of devil

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider So What

Wakaba uses her Evil Eye and discovers that Araba has the highest class of fire magic, which is her weakness. He also mastered Flame Resistance along with Black Magic Resistance and a way to track teleportation. Wakaba realizes that he has fought a tactically thinking enemy beforehand. But none of them came up with a plan for him, and it seemed that Araba was ready. Wakaba analyzed Araba’s skills, and she found that she had more than 40,000 skills. He also found that he kept it for use when he was in trouble.

Araba wanted to use all her abilities to kill Wakaba. Wakaba is happy that if the animal-like Araba uses all her strength, it means she is a threat. He decided that he had to show Araba that he too was a real person. Araba started attacking Wakaba with a different fire magic. Wakaba comments that he cheated because he melted everything into lava. After a long fight, Araba received a draw, and Wakaba scolded him for giving up. HP Araba; has dropped to zero, and he’s gone.

Wakaba evolves and realizes that he has defeated his nemesis Araba alone. Meanwhile, in the real world, the Demon Lord talks to Baltos about the Earth-Dragon. He revealed that he was happy to beat them in the past. Shun wondered if the Demon Lord had killed his brother. He went to avenge his brother while Wakaba had found a way out.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 13 Release Date and Preview

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 13 will release on Friday, April 2, 2021, at 9:30 p.m. You will be able to watch I’m a Spider, So What? online at kumo-anime.com, and officially Crunchyroll.

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