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I can see your voice is a South Korean reality show. This is a musical mystery show. the show brought together two kinds of singers – talented singers, tone-deaf singers. This is a mystery music game show originally broadcast on Mnet and simultaneously broadcast on tvN in South Korea. The show runs from 2015 and this is its eighth season. Hosted by Kim Jong-kook, Leeteuk (Super Junior), and Yoo Se-Yoon. The I Can See Your Voice show is quite interesting due to its format and its guests.

It has a simple guest artist format present with a group of six “mystery singers”. Some singers can be tone-deaf and some can be gifted. The guest artist must try to remove the bad singer from the mysterious singing group. The artist has to guess the bad singer without listening to the real voice. Guest artists will receive hints from celebrity forums and panelists at each round.

They will eliminate singers one by one by passing through each round. They can also eliminate two. After the selection of candidates is eliminated, the candidates will appear so that they have the real truth bomb if the singer is tone-deaf or talented. Elimination continues until the end when the last candidate remains. The real truth about who won the show comes from that point. The singers were given the opportunity to sing with the panelist judges. The moment of truth comes at the end of the triumph of the tone-deaf or talented artist.

There are 6 different stages that form the basis for selecting singers.


There are 6 individuals or groups of mystery singers who stand and appear on stage with their real identities hidden behind the sheets that we can say. Identities must be hidden until they have to appear during the truth show stage. In a group, if one person is a bad singer, the whole group will be considered a tone-deaf team.

Singer visual

The early stages of the guest are given time to observe, identify, and examine the mystery singer. This is based on the appearance of each contestant. The guest artist is given time just to observe each contestant. After this, guests are shown several silenced videos of each contestant. The video is small, about 0.3 seconds. The video has a singing voice from each player being played as an additional hint for guests. Each singer is given two identities. One identity is a fake identity while the other has a real identity.

The emcee is given about three keywords depending on each mystery identity. If the mystery singer turns out to be a good singer, the keywords are real and accurate. If the singer is a tone-deaf singer, he fakes all the keywords.

Singer speech

Each singer must introduce himself with his own voice. Every mystery singer must introduce himself well.

Singer lip sync

Every singer has to lip sync to a song. A good lion will imitate their own voice while the bad one will imitate other sounds. The singer was mysterious and was given a replacement lip sync for a song together. Only one of them is the real owner of the song and the others are pretending.

The singer’s verdict

This is a key time when guest artists must identify tone-deaf singers and talented singers. The time given to them to judge is approximately 100 seconds which is based on an actual statement. The artist will question the remaining mystery singers before making a final decision.

Guest singers must choose one keyword given by the contestants. They get the opportunity to interrogate each mystery singer after they ask for more detailed information about them.

Singer proof

This is the last thing that happened. There is evidence of each mystery singer’s singing abilities (i.e. photos, videos, certificates, etc.) displayed on the screen. The good singers will provide the real proof while the bad will make the video.

Three randomly selected panelists will wear headphones to listen to the mysterious singer’s voice for 30 seconds. The panelists must defend the mystery singer and convince the guests to choose the final mystery singer.

The emcee arrives with random hints about the mysterious singer. Guest artists must select the instructions according to their judgment.

If the judge chooses the good singer who wins then he / she gets the digital single release as an award. From the premiere of the fifth season, the winner also received an award in the form of a special microphone. What If the Winner is a Bad Singer? The naughty singer was awarded the grand prize of ₩ 5,000,000.

I can see your voice

Recap I Can See Your Voice Season 8 Episode 5

The 5th episode of I Can See Your Voice features guests Baek Ji-young & Kang Daniel. This episode was released on February 26th. The episode is fun and interesting to watch. The panelists consisted of Kim Sang-Hyuk, Lee Sang-min, Heo Kyung-hwan, Hong Yoon-Hwa [ko], Jang Wooyoung (2PM), Soyul [ko], Mijoo (Lovelyz), ACE (Jun, Donghun) on board. The jury’s chemistry is very good in making decisions. The panelists who joined the episode enjoyed every wrong decision. The episode runs a typical format.

The judges chose to eliminate the first contestant who was the group of three boys Jo Chan-woo & Jang Min-sik & Park Moo-joo. They work in the morning and follow their passion for singing at night. The group is definitely a talented one. The judges were a little disappointed because they got rid of this talented group of singers. Then in another round, the judges got rid of Cindy and Jo Hye-Seon.

They both came out as talented singers again. The panelists were surprised when they found out that the two of them were quite professional singers. They are again eliminating the talented singer. After round 2 in round 3, the judges eliminated tone-deaf singer Seo Ri-hye who is a mother of 4 children. After the 3rd round, the judges eliminated the other tone-deaf singers Kim Sung-wan & Hyun Ji-hye. The girl is a gifted person but the boy is tone-deaf. Therefore the team will be eliminated with the tone of a tone deaf singer.

The last people left to sing were the duo Hong Joon-ho & Lee Ji-woo. The jury did have high expectations from both of them. Most importantly, the two guests sang in a duo and realized that the boys in the duo were talented singers while the girl was tone-deaf. So at the end of the episode, the tone-deaf duo won the game I Can See Your Voice.

I can see your voice

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I Can See Your Voice Season 8 Episode 6 Release Date

I Can See Your Voice Season 8 Episode 6 will be released on March 5, 2021. The show is available on Dramacool, Telegram, and kisstvshow. Shows are not available on Viki or Viu. So you have to stream it online or telegram is another option. The rating is quite below average. IMDb gave it a rating of 5.5 while media common sense gave it a 4 out of 5.

Expected Plot

Guests who came to play another episode of I Can See Your Voice is Shinee. Shinee is a South Korean boy band. They are quite a popular band. This group / band was formed by SM Entertainment. They were also given the title Prince of the K Pop by fans in the country. The band debuted in 2008. The members of this group are Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin.

This group is quite popular in the country. They will be the guests for the episode. Besides, this episode will be a lot of fun when the four brains will work together to find a talented singer. They will be assisted by a panelist or tone deaf detector. The panelist members get a change with every passing episode. The emcee will remain the same as Kim Jong Kook, Lee Teuk, and Yoo Se Yoon. This episode will be interesting because the band will be on stage. All in all, the next episode will definitely be an attention-seeking one in which the band will be the center of attraction. However, what is expected is if they can guess the wrong artist correctly and make the talented artist win that night.

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