I Am All Girls Ending Explained

I Am All Girls is a 2021 South African crime drama that tells the story of two women who fight against a child sex trafficking syndicate. Directed by Donovan Marsh, it was written by Wayne Fitzjohn and Marcell Greeff. This film stars Deon Lotz, Erica Weasels, and Masasa Mbageni as the main characters. Jozua Malherbe and Lucia Meyer-Marais serve as producers. Brendan Jury has composed the music for the film. Lucian Barnard is acting as editor while Trevor Calverly is working on cinematography. Produced by Nthibah Pictures, and released by Netflix on May 14, 2021. The plot revolves around a relentless detective who finds common ground with a murderer who systematically targets the perpetrators running an international child trafficking syndicate.

I Am All Girls starring Deon Lotz who plays FJ Nolte. Erica Wessels plays Jodie Snyman, and Masasa Mbageni plays Thamsanqa. Israel Makoe plays the role of a pimp. Brendon Daniels plays the character Investigating Officer Samuel Arendse. Hlubi Mboya played Ntombizonke Bapai, while Mothusi Magano played Captain George Mululeki. Matt Stern plays lawyer Salim Khan while Lizz Meiring plays Gert’s girlfriend. Ben Kruger plays Oupa Carel Duvenhage while Mampho Brescia plays the boss’s sister. Federico Fernandez plays the young Iranian boss while Khutjo Green plays Agnes. Kaseran Pillay plays Pharwaz Khan, and Rafiq Jajbhay plays the boss of Iran.

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Hlubi Mboya (left) as Ntombizonke Bapai, and Erica Wessels (right) as Jodie Snyman. I Am All Girls (2021).

What is the film about?

It was 1994, and young Ntombizonke Bapai was kidnapped along with many other girls. They were taken to the cabinet minister complex of the National Party of FJ Nolte. There, they are sold to be traded. The film opens with Ntombi watching tapes of Gert de Jager’s interrogation. She is a child trafficker who was arrested in connection with 6 missing girls in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1994. The girls, and many more, he claims, have never been found. He also stated that the kidnapping occurred on the orders of a high-ranking minister. Ntombi, once a victim of trafficking and prostitution, is now disguised as a murderer. Meanwhile, Jodie Snyman, a police agent, is working hard to follow in the footsteps of a child smuggler in Johannesburg.

Jodie tries to track down a human trafficking hideout, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, her superiors transfer her to a murder case. However, he soon discovers that the murder cases he is investigating are linked to the sex trafficking crimes he is investigating. The murder involved the body of a retired minister, a suspected pedophile, found with initials carved into his chest. As he continued his investigations, more carved corpses began to appear. Jodie realizes that the body has the initials of a group of kidnapped girls from the 90’s. We realize that it was Ntombizonke who killed these people. Meanwhile, corruption and red tape continued to hamper Jodie’s efforts to catch the perpetrators. But even after her boss threatened to fire her, Jodie didn’t back down and continued her investigation.

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Jodie Snyman investigates a murder case.

I Am All Girls Ending Explained

At the climax of the film, Jodie falls unconscious after a horrendous car accident. Salim’s men approach their car, but Ntombi shoots them and kidnaps Salim. When he woke up, Captain George told Jodie he was inactive. This didn’t affect Jodie, who snuck out at night and went home. At home, he watched the videotape of Gert de Jager that Ntombi had left for him. That’s when Jodie realized that Ntombi himself was one of his victims. Jodie then went to the house that Gert mentioned in her interrogation. There he found that Ntombi had killed Salim and his brother Pharwaz. He watched a plane land at a nearby airfield and realized that what Minister Gert was talking about was there.

Meanwhile, his partner Arendse goes and confronts the minister, but his men kill him. Not long after that, Ntombi was also involved in a gun battle and died too. After that, Jodie instantly became a cold assassin, tricking human traffickers left and right. He then ambushed the minister at his home and killed him. He also had the initials Ntombi engraved on his chest, continuing his tradition. When the film ends, he takes a train to Iran to arrest the men who had dealt with the minister. In the end, it seemed that Jodie had shouldered the baton that Ntombi had handed him down. He has become a vigilante himself, following in Ntombi’s footsteps. Jodie had never really been good at it according to the books, and now that she was inactive, she could embrace this new cold-blooded killer of the child trafficker.

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