How to Watch Yasuke Season 1 Episodes Online?

Netflix is ​​famous for its releases related to every genre and every other language, culture or tradition. So, after introducing K-dramas on a large scale, and being the original creator of several K-dramas, Netflix has now jumped into another ocean. Ocean of anime. Yes, Netflix is ​​back with another Anime series for viewers and lovers of this Japanese genre. After the success of other Netflix originals such as Dragon’s Dogma and Devilman Crybaby, we will now find another anime originally made by Netflix, called ‘Yasuke.’

Anime lovers are very enthusiastic about all the information in this series, both about the release date and the release platform. The character who has given his voice to this strong character is a hot topic these days. As the series will be available in Japanese and English, both languages, it will attract large audiences and is expected to set new boundaries for future projects, too.


Yasuke is based on a historical figure, who was an African man with the same name. He was a warrior who worked under the powerful Japanese king, Oda Nobunaga, in the sixteenth century. It was during the Sengoku period of the samurai conflict in Japan. The series is expected to be released on April 29, 2021 on Netflix. Created by the famous American animator, LeSean Thomas, Yasuke has caused quite a stir on the internet.

How do I watch Yasuke season 1 online?

A frequently asked question about anime is, ‘How can we watch Yasuke on line?’ Well, we have the answers to all of your questions, along with these. Fans can watch Yasuke season 1 online on Netflix, which is the anime’s official distributor. By subscribing to this OTT platform, one can experience Yasuke’s life and struggles in the Japanese conflict and how the character will develop with the pretense of time and situation.

Yasuke is an official trailer that was released on April 27 on Netflix’s official YouTube channel.

More on Yasuke: Plot and production summary

This is the story of a soldier of African descent who served in Japan under a powerful king and handled various problems and attacks. Yasuke is a fusion of magic and technology. It was revealed when the king of Japan, Oda Nobunaga, fell in battle against the warlords. After twenty years, Yasuke, also known as the ‘Black Samurai’, buried his past as a warrior and retired from the title. He then disguised himself as Yassan, in a remote village, as a boatman. There he met a singer and his daughter who had magical powers.

Due to an accident, Yasuke escorted the little girl to the doctor. There, his struggles to save the child from dark supernatural powers, together with fighting against rival daimyo, envelop the story, creating a beautiful depiction.


Official poster by Netflix

The series was first announced in November 2018, then production began. The director of the series is LeSean Thomas Takeshi Satou, and the animation is being done by the Japan-based MAPPA studio. Musical artist Steven Ellison, known as Flying Lotus, was part of the crew as the executive producer of the project. The English recordings were conducted at the NYAV Post in New York City. Likewise, the music for the series has a slightly more organic twist than hip hop or jazz.

Yasuke Cast and Crew

One of the main roles in this series gets his voice from a famous artist. For example, Yasuke has been voiced by LaKeith Stanfield in English and in Japanese by Jun Soejima. Likewise, Takehiro Hira provided his voice, in both English and Japanese, for the character Oda Nobunaga. In addition, Kiko Tamura in Japanese and Maya Tanida in English have voiced the little girl, Saki. Ishikawa is voiced by Dia Frampton in English. And, Natsumaru is voiced by Ming-Na Wen, to name a few.


LaKeith Stanfield as soldier- Yasuke

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