How to Watch Wolf Malayalam Movie?


Wolf is a Malayalam Drama Film that springs to mind of one of the most talented contemporary Malayalam storytellers, GR Indugopan. Directed by Shaji Azeez, the film was produced by Santhosh Damodharan under the banner of Damor Cinema. The same director is the person in charge of films like ‘Shakespeare MA Malayalam’ and ‘Oridathoru Post Man.’ The story is set in contemporary times, namely in lockdown. Surprisingly, the audience will also watch it in the confines of their respective homes, as we discussed, how do you watch Serigala (Malayalam Film)?

Although the film is said to be emotionally stunning, Wolf is U-rated, that is, it can be watched under parental guidance. According to filmmakers, film is one that makes use of limited space. All characters are depicted as the main pillars of the story. Each of their roles allows the story to overwhelm the viewer. The film has already been released, so this article will discuss Wolf’s plot and cast. Helping you decide whether to watch it or not.

Plot for Wolf

The plot for Wolf is based on Novella Indugopan, Chennaya. This film is based on the life of Sanjay and his fiancé Asha. Here, Sanjay decides to go and surprise him by visiting his place at night. Asha comes from a very conservative household. He’s out and won’t be back for long. This made Asha restless as time went on, she began to feel uncomfortable with Sanjay’s presence. The increased feeling of discomfort encourages the anxiety-building nature of the story. The first part of the film will be based entirely on these two characters. Their communication will illustrate how they are definitely not a match made in heaven. As Asha was worried about the gossip food she might face from Sanjay’s current presence, it seemed like she also had something she was hiding.

These moments of anxiety are complemented by Asha’s view of Sanjay’s personality. Here in the film, we will see how grumpy Sanjay is and how he treats his close female friends. This causes Asha to doubt her future with Sanjay. She revealed it because she didn’t think she would be able to spend the rest of her life with him. This causes Sanjay to be very desperate as he tries to convince Asha that he won’t behave like this with her, if they get married. But to make matters worse, the PM announced the closure. Considering now that her mother won’t be able to go back in time and how Sanjay’s place is at least a few hours away, the engaged couple will have to live together. The story gets even more intense when we are introduced to a mysterious character named Joe.[PlementedbyAsha’spointofviewonSanjay’spersonalityHereinthemoviewewillseehowshort-temperedSanjayisandhowhetreatshisclosefemalefriendsThiscausesAshatohavedoubtsregardingherfuturewithSanjaySheexpressesthemasshedoesn’tthinkshewillbeabletospendtherestofherlifewithhimThiscausesSanjaytogetirritatinglydesperateashetriestoconvinceAshathathewouldn’tbehavethiswaywithhershouldtheygetmarriedButtomakethemattersworsethePMannouncesthelockdownConsideringnowthathermotherwon’tbeabletomakeitbackintimeandhowSanjay’splaceisatleastafewhoursawaytheengagedcouplemustlivetogetherThestoryonlygetsintenseaswegetintroducedtoamysteriouscharacterbythenameofJoe[plementedbyAsha’spointofviewonSanjay’spersonalityHereinthemoviewewillseehowshort-temperedSanjayisandhowhetreatshisclosefemalefriendsThiscausesAshatohavedoubtsregardingherfuturewithSanjaySheexpressesthemasshedoesn’tthinkshewillbeabletospendtherestofherlifewithhimThiscausesSanjaytogetirritatinglydesperateashetriestoconvinceAshathathewouldn’tbehavethiswaywithhershouldtheygetmarriedButtomakethemattersworsethePMannouncesthelockdownConsideringnowthathermotherwon’tbeabletomakeitbackintimeandhowSanjay’splaceisatleastafewhoursawaytheengagedcouplemustlivetogetherThestoryonlygetsintenseaswegetintroducedtoamysteriouscharacterbythenameofJoe

How to Watch Wolf (Malayalam Movie)?

The mysterious character is named Joe.

Where to Watch Wolf (Malayalam Movies)?

Wolf is available to stream on Zee5 website and applications. The film was released on April 18, 2021 and has been available on streaming platforms at 12 a.m. since that day. This film is available to all Zee5 premium users. And for the location, it will be available worldwide with Malayalam audio with subtitles. If you want to get a Subscribe to Zee5 Premium, You can get it for a one year package for Rs. 499.

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Wolf Cast


Wolf Cast

The film is set in a lockdown, leading to evident restrictions on police relief posts at home. This setting allows movies to be shot in 2-3 very limited locations. As for the report, the film was made with limited resources while maintaining all safety protocols for crew members.

Speaking of the crew, Wolf’s cast is as follows: Arjun Asokan plays Sanjay. Samyuktha Menon plays her fiancé, Asha Shine Tom Chacko as a cop. Maya Menon plays Asha’s mother. Meanwhile, Jaffer Idukki and Irshad will play important roles in the film as well.

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