How to Watch Tokyo Revengers Online?

Tokyo Revengers is an ongoing anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name by Ken Wakui. Being one of the most anticipated anime this season, this article will discuss, How to Watch Tokyo Revengers Online? Having elements of both naughtiness and science fiction, the manga series has become very popular both in Japan and the world. The manga will be published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonenen Magazine, and then collectively, the manga will have a total of 22 tankobon volumes. The volume has over 3 million copies in circulation, along with live-action films already in production.

Then in June 2020, the Tokyo Revengers anime adaptation was announced. It will be produced by LIDEN FILMS under the direction of Koichi Hatsumi. The animation studio is in charge of anime such as Beserk, Hanebado, Cells at Work! Code Black, and several Initial D films. This series was adapted from original sources, and was written by Yasuyuki Mutō. at the same time, the character design was created by Keiko Ōta. And before the anime started on April 11, it had a release of episode 0 at the end of March; This episode is a sort of summary for Tokyo Revengers Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

What’s the Plot for Tokyo Revengers?

Takemichi Hanagaki is at an all-time low as he wonders where his life went wrong. He is a freelance worker who lives in a crappy apartment. Moreover, her boss was six years younger than her, and she was still a virgin too. As he reflects on his life and starts to think that things couldn’t get any worse, he learns that his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and his brother Naoto Tachibana were killed by the actions of Tokyo Manji’s gang.

The day after she saw the news, as she was standing on the Railway Platform, she was pushed onto the tracks by a group of people. When he was about to die, the time Takemichi jumped 12 years ago. Here, he is a high school student and is still in a relationship with Hinata. Thus he realized that he could change destiny and save Hinata. Therefore, he is on a mission to climb the ranks of Kanto’s most evil gang to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her tragic fate.

Where to Watch Tokyo Revengers Online?

How to Watch Tokyo Revengers Online?

Manjiro Sano, Takemichi Hanagaki, and Ken Ryuguji – credit Muse Asia

Now coming to the topic under discussion, Tokyo Revengers is available for streaming Crunchyroll and VRV Anime in the US, Canada and Mexico. The anime is even available to watch Netflix Japan. As of now, the anime is not yet available for other countries. But we can expect it to be added to the library once the ongoing season 1 ends. Another source for watching Tokyo Revengers will air it Anime-Planet, but will only be available for certain countries. Finally, episodes are also uploaded officially Muse Asia YouTube channel for Southeast Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

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What is the Release Time for Tokyo Revengers?

The episode by Tokyo Revengers was released at 2:08 a.m. JST. An English translated version of the same will be released at 4:00 JST. This episode is released every Sunday and may differ on Saturdays according to your location. If you want to watch an episode as soon as it airs, make sure to change the time above to your local time zone.

Tokyo Revengers Episode Schedule


Hinata Tachibana

According to an announcement made by the Anime News & Facts Twitter Account, Tokyo Revengers is set for a 2-cour duration. Cour is the length of time in a season, usually 3 months, which can have 10-14 episodes. 2-cour means Tokyo Revengers will have up to 24 episodes.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 1 “Reborn”: April 11, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 “Resist”: April 18, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 3 “Resolve”: April 25, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 4: May 2, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 5: May 9, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 6: May 16, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 7: May 23, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 8: May 30, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 9: June 6, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 10: June 13, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 11: June 20, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: June 27, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 13: July 4, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: July 11, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 15: July 18, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 16: July 25, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 17: August 1, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 18: August 8, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 19: August 15, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 20: August 22, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 21: August 29, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: September 5, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 23: September 12, 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 24: September 19, 2021

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