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If you are looking for a film with a mix of action, magic and science fiction, Master Yin Yang: The Dream of Eternity is your ultimate goal. This is a Chinese fantasy film directed by Guo Jingming, released on the 25thth December 2020, in Mainland China. The cinematography was done by Randy Che. Made under the production company, Hehe Pictures and Shanghai Film Group – the film stars Deng Lun, Mark Chao, Olivia Wang, Jasper, and Sun Chenjun.

Master Yin Yang: Dream of Eternity is based on a series of novels named Onmyōji, written by Baku Yumemakura (since 1986). It featured Qing Ming, Master Yin Yang, vowing to fulfill his master’s last wish and going to the Imperial City to battle the snake that had to wake up from its sleep. It’s a tale of magic that fills a murder mystery with suspense and fantasy along with a hint of melodrama.

This film caused quite a stir all over the internet because of its name. The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity is based on a novel, whereas, another film with a similar title hit the internet, which is an adaptation of a mobile game, based on the Onmyōji.

The plot of Master Yin Yang: Dream of Eternity

The story begins with events that took place centuries ago. The serpent demon was born out of human desire. To catch the demon, four masters gathered. They trapped the snake inside the Empress, in the Imperial City, which was protected by four stone guards.

Whenever the demon tried to get up, the guardians of the stone gathered. The story focuses on one such event, where four masters – Hongrou, Longye (Jessie Li), Bo Ya (Deng Lun), and Qing Ming (Mark Chao) – travel to the Imperial City, to awaken the stone guards. The story changed drastically when Master Hongruo of Qing Ming was killed in his sleep. There is a huge demand for in-court investigations. Later, an unsuccessful assassination attempt on the Empress created chaos in the world. The masters suspect each other and decide to investigate individually.

Mr. Longye was accused of being a murderer and before he could reveal the truth he had discovered, he fell prey to the Hair Demon, who was the real culprit. Although, at the last moment she explained the truth to Qing Ming she misinterpreted it. He is with Bo Ya, accusing Shouyue (Wang Duo).

After this revelation, while comforting the Princess, Qing Ming went after the Hair Demon, who was trying to attack him. The latter reveals the motive behind the attack and we discover that the Princess is the real Empress.

Cast Yin Yang Master: Dream of Immortality

The cast of The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity includes a wide variety of actors. The names of the characters and their roles are as follows:

  1. Mark Chao – Master Qing Ming
  2. Deng Lun – Mr Bo Ya
  3. Olivia Wang – Zhang Ping’s daughter
  4. Jasper – Snow Dog
  5. Sun Chenjun – Killing Stone and others.

Master Yin Yang Movies

How To Watch Master Yin Yang Movies Online?

The original Netflix, The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity, was released on the 25thth December 2020 in China. However, prior to its theatrical release, America’s over-the-top content platform, Netflix, buy the streaming rights from the manufacturer. This film is available in Chinese and English with an explanation in Chinese.

A person only needs to be logged into their Netflix account to gain access to this murder mystery with incredible visuals and a nail-biting plot. In the UK and the United States, Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity was released on the 5thth February 2021.

Footage from The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Even though the film’s director Guo Jingming was accused of plagiarism, the screenplay was highly appreciated. This is a story that beautifully illustrates the relationship between teacher and student. Being the perfect depiction of combining fantasy with action and suspense, The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity is a must-watch for lovers of all genres. The worldwide cumulative collection of fantasy films is $ 68 million.

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