How to Watch Korean Movie Angel is Dead Online?


Angel is Dead is a famous South Korean film. How to Watch Angel is Dead Korean Movie Online and more about its cast and plot is something we will be discussing today. Angel is Dead marked its prominence as soon as it was released. This film is about two people who feel a strange attraction towards themselves. This film is a romance thriller genre. Good romantic thrillers are quite rare to find. Moreover, because the presentation and direction are very good, this film is still remembered today. This film was released back in 2017, and people still aspire to watch it and more and more.

From the story to the cast and presentation, everything about this film was well appreciated and critically acclaimed at the same time. South Korean films are now starting to stand out all over the world. Their cinematography and the industry as a whole grew to a large extent overall. These films first became famous in Asia and gradually grew in the world. From famous k-pop to k-drama and k-movies everything is becoming famous. The plots of these films are often very captivating and refreshing.

Angel is Dead was originally released in early 2017 and even had its international premiere at the 27th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in 2017. Even though it was released for quite a while, the film still keeps people curious, and so they want to watch it again and again. Angel is Dead is also known as A Woman Who Wasnt Loved. But before going any further, let’s take a look at How to Watch Korean Movie Angel is Dead and more of the cast.

How to Watch Korean Movie Angel is Dead Online?

Angel is Dead can be watched online on popular streaming networks such as Amazon Prime Videos and Korean on request. The film mainly has two main characters, and the whole story revolves around these two. Do Kyeong is a young man who has just finished his military duty. Meanwhile, Ga In is a mysterious girl who is attracted to him. The story begins with a boat going to a deserted island. While on his way to the island, he meets Ga In. Strangely feeling quite attracted to him, they met at a bar in the evening. The pub was called Yubari, and so they ended up spending the night together.

Where do you watch Angel is Dead?

A Still from the film Angel is Dead.

While the two get together, Ga-in has a growing passion inside of her that is becoming increasingly obsessed. Meanwhile Do Kyeong tries to get away from him and struggles to free himself from his obsession. The film is based on a romantic thriller and shows us in detail how they each face their individual struggles. Ga In’s irresistible obsession is growing day by day, and their overall situation is shown throughout the film. Angel is Dead is also known as A Woman Who Wasn’t Loved and Sarangbadji Mothan Yeoja. Film genres include Mature, thriller, romance, drama, and Melodrama. The directing of the film has been done under No Zin Soo. The film was released on January 25, 2017 and has an estimated run time of about 1 hour 27 minutes or 88 minutes.

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Cast: Angel is Dead

As for the main cast of this film, there are Kim Hwa Yeon and Shin Won Ho. Kim Hwa Yeon has been chosen to play the role of Ga In. Meanwhile, Shin Won Ho has been cast to play the role of Do Kyung. Films under No Zin Soo’s direction have been repeatedly critically acclaimed. Hwa Yeon is a 36 year old South Korean actress. He has appeared in several films such as Mutual Relations and Covet Island of Desires.

how to watch Angel is Dead

A Still from the movie, Angel is Dead

While Shin Won Ho is a 27-year-old South Korean actor under Dream Stone Entertainment. He has appeared in many films and dramas. Shin Won Ho was also seen in a supporting role in Prison Playbook. He has also been seen in films such as One Summer Night and Dear Dictator.

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