How to Use Reverse Filters on TikTok? Step-wise guide

Tiktok gathering trends with its filters is nothing new. Over the last few years, this platform has encouraged individuals around the world to give the best of them. At the same time, they come with their own, in the same way as the platform, from complex filters and transitions to the simplest and purest forms of it. TikTok is truly self-defeating, helping everyone come up with something beautiful in just 15 seconds. The videos do make your day fun or are sure to be liked by others. Enough to make a smiling face. While we’ve seen trending new shapes, filters, and transitions come and go, some have persisted and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

In this post, we are talking about a similar filter that has been around for a long time. Even before Tiktok existed and on-device video editing was essential. The Reverse option allows you to watch the video as a whole back in motion from end to beginning. This option is always fun. So, where do these options exist on the popular TikTok platform, and what creativity can we add to using these simplest and purest transitional forms? Let’s have a look.

What is an Inverted Filter?

Reverse Filter is probably one of the simplest TikTok filters out there. No rocket science here as we’ve seen the feature for a long time grow across a wide variety of video editing applications. The same goes for this TikTok feature as it performs the same old tricks. All this filter does is reverse the selected video and rewind it. That’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

Of course, it sounds simple. But it’s all about the creativity game in the end. The fact how you plan to do reverse motion in your video and get creative. Apart from that, it stands out among other videos that are trending on this platform. Anyway, let’s see where you can find a Reverse filter and use it.

Step 1: Finding the Reverse Filter

As usual, the first step is to open the official TikTok app. Using the TikTok camera, record the video you want. You can also use a video that has already been recorded from your storage and use it. When finished recording or selecting the video you want, tap on the tick option right next to the record button. Then select the effects tab. The option looks like a clock right in the lower left corner next to the voice and before the text.

Finding Reverse Option On TikTok

Still From the Official Tik Tok Application

Once inside the effects options, you may find a number of options that you can apply to your video. For a Reverse filter, you have to hit the “Time” tab. There you may find several different options, one of which is the reverse filter.

Step 2: Get creative

So once you hit the Reverse button, your entire video will start playing backwards. For example, if you move the video inside, the reverse option will make it appear outward. Now, the point is to stand out.

So, to run a beautiful video using the Reverse filter, you might want to dance, run, jog, hike, paint, or anything serious you might want to do. Add a few songs to it. What you like or videos you like. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to reverse the sound; it will be more fun. But we’ll go with whatever we’ve got.

Get Creative For Reverse Filters

Official Screenshot of TikTok App

Apart from that, this app lets you select a specific part of the video to use certain filters. The same is true with the Reverse option. While editing, using two nods, you can select the part of the video that you want to invert, leaving the rest of the video as is. Thus, make the video look as creative as you want it to be.

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