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Just like Korean dramas that currently take up a lot of the entertainment industry, Thai entertainment shows are no less. We have lots of Thai elements like Mookata as well as the fiery Tom Yum soup and the most special Phad Thai. Until now, we have seen that people even appear on the screen with various funny content. This doesn’t just happen in movies. If you take a closer look, you’ll find one of those twist tipped commercials that gives the biggest hanger after giving us the emotional element. However, this also hurts the entertainment sector as the various scripts and stories that prove to be nothing but theatrical plays and seem to lose viewers’ interest.

So far, we have a new Thai film called The Con Heartist directed by Mez Tharatorn. The creators have worked hard with this story because first, it has a great plot to keep viewers hooked, and second, a play that doesn’t seem cliché at all. The characters in the film are imperfect and make mistakes on a number of occasions. We witness the main protagonist of the film, namely Tower who is a con artist. While trying to find a new gig for himself, he misses the mark, namely Ina. This woman blackmails him to get revenge on his ex, Petch. Petch is a very evil man who has taken money from women and bankrupt his girlfriend.

The Con-Heartist – Movie review

Despite the fact that he looks good and speaks intelligently which makes half the people fall for his charm, Petch is a bad guy who only thinks of himself. On the other hand, we also have a Tower which looks really good and has now joined Ina and from the looks of it, the two of them will definitely fall in love. But then in the scene, we see things get too messy. Ina and Tower start to distrust each other and this complicates things in their plans and the feelings they will have for each other. This is what makes the story even more fun to watch. This is how all the characters are trapped in different scenarios but their stories are still woven together and with comedic elements after each incident the film is a delightful spectacle.

Besides that, you also have to remember that nothing new is found in The Con-Heartist and there are still various classic scenes that have been recreated in the film but the charisma that is executed well by the characters is maintained. intact in the audience. There are various moments in the story that get too awkward however, the team led by Tower goes through all the hurdles thrown with confidence and joy. Together with the main character, we even have a lot of side characters who provide extra entertainment. Well, we have Kathaleeya McIntosh reprising the role of Ms. Nongnuch as a fun teacher. Then next is Pongsatorn Jongwilas who plays the character Jone.

The Con-Heartist – Where to Watch?

He comes straight out of prison in the form of a brother to Tower and this makes comedy on the plot. Along with the side characters, we even have great leads who are so attractive that it would be hard not to fall for them. They give the characters such light that the whole story begins to touch us. The film even gives us a wonderful insight into Thai culture as well as the audio and visual effects that come with cameos from great actors. Overall, this film is a fairly colorful watch which is sure to lift your spirits as we are caught in a time of such a pandemic. As for where to watch it, The Con-heartist is available to watch on Netflix.

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