House At The End Of The Street Ends Explained: What happened to Carrie Anne?


House at the End of the Street is a 2012 psychological thriller film directed by Mark Tonderai. This film stars the Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence in the main character. Screenplay from David Louka and story by Jonathan Mostow. The film was released on September 21, 2012. Critical response to the film was generally negative, but it achieved moderate commercial success. The plot revolves around a teenage girl named Elissa. He moved to a new ward with his family. His mother, Sarah, is a recently divorced woman and hopes to have a new start. The mother and daughter moved into a large house on the outskirts of town after Sarah divorced. The house they bought was quite large, and the reason they could afford it was because it had a tragic past.

The house just down the road has witnessed gruesome murders in the past. A girl named Carrie Anne had killed her parents in the house and fled without a trace. The son of the couple who were killed, Ryan, lives in the house now. He was exiled until the death of his parents. When they died, he inherited the property and began living in the house. The neighbors didn’t really like Ryan. He went to the same college as Elissa. Soon, she became friends with him and started liking him. Sarah is a little overprotective of Elissa, which embarrasses her. When she falls in love with him, Elissa doesn’t realize the dark secret that Ryan kept at home. The city believes in legends, but ends up telling a completely different and dark story. Let’s find out what the ending is all about.

House just down the road review

Still image from House at the End of the Street.

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House at the End of the Road Ends Explained

According to the story, Carrie was the cold-blooded killer of her parents. Kota believes he is still a fugitive and roams the forest. Ryan told Elissa that years ago, he accidentally injured Carrie while they were swinging. He explained how the injury resulted in brain damage which in turn made him very aggressive. As a result, he killed his parents. Carrie has become a legend in the city. People believe that he fled to the forest after killing his parents, never to be seen again. However, Elissa discovers that Ryan has been secretly holding Carrie in the basement for years after the incident. Contrary to what people in town believed, Carrie never killed her parents because she never survived a swing injury in the first place.

What happened to Ryan?

Ryan is a man who seems shy and quiet. Kids Ryan’s age excluded him, the city didn’t like him and tormented him. It was because of their fear of the terrible events that had happened years ago. The rumors following the incident have led the townspeople to form a false narrative about the matter. Ryan seems very shy and reserved at first, but there is more to it than it seems to him. It is revealed that the injuries his sister Carrie suffered years ago, led to her death. So he never even made it through the incident. After his death, Ryan’s abusive parents tortured him. They tortured her and made her dress like a girl and raised her as “Carrie Anne”. The torture and torture resulted in trauma and deterioration of her mental health.

The house at the end of the cast road

Elissa falls for the shy Ryan, oblivious to the dark secret she keeps with herself.

When Ryan was growing up, he started kidnapping girls and holding them at home, pretending that they were Carrie. He kidnaps other girls every time he kills her. The years of abuse had resulted in her mental and emotional deterioration. As a result, he became mentally disturbed. In the end, he revealed that he was the one who killed his parents, after years of persecution. He hinted at his dark secret at the start when he showed Elissa a tree. He couldn’t understand what was on the tree, but at a glance, he saw the bark that resembled a face. He told Elissa that people don’t pay attention to all the secrets around them. And of course, the city never bothered to closely investigate the incident. They are just scared and bully Ryan, apart from him and don’t realize he might need help. If they cared to realize it, several lives could have been saved.

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