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Alfred has been arrested along with others at the Fairie Tour Prison by Didier. Danios asked the knights what they were planning to do with Marius. The prison guards told Danios to stop screaming and come back. Alfred worries why he is in prison instead of protecting everyone. Commander Lucan arrives at the cell and asks if Alfred and Danios are the new prisoners. Alfred couldn’t believe that he had met Lucan, Commander of Squad 5 of the Royal Order.

Alfred asks Luca why he’s here, and Danios asks if the two know each other. Danios comments because of their friendship Luca was able to free them from prison. The knight reveals that Lucan is the Jail Captain of the Fairie Tour Prison. Alfred asks Luca to talk to him privately about how to save Marius. Luca replied that it wouldn’t work, the witch would be executed. He also informed them that they would be transferred to the Tower of Justice, where they would be punished.

Hortensia Saga Episode 9 will be released on Thursday, March 4, 2021 JST. You can check out this anime AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s find out how Alfred and Danios will save Marius from being executed.

Previously on Hortensia Saga Episode 8

Alfred says the execution will not happen because there is no justice in this witch hunt. Luca ordered the knights to take both of them. Danios comments that Luca is a slave to the Orthodox Church. In the morning, Marius regrets that he was the one who dragged Alfred and the others into the mess. But all he wants is everyone’s peace and safety. She remembers her past when she was young, wherever her brother was killed.

Tower of Justice

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

That day the wolf monster killed his brother and wondered why he couldn’t save him. He realized that the wolf beast also killed Fernando and his father. The knights doused him with water and told him to tell the truth. Didier arrives and tells them that torturing him won’t help; he took over. The knights left the room, and Didier bowed in front of Marius, who was chained. He apologized for taking care of Marius’ nickname by his real name.

Marius was surprised how Didier know that she was Princess Mariel. She knew that only she and Fernando knew that she was the princess. At the same time, Alfred and Danios were sent to the Tower of Justice. They will be sentenced there, but Alfred notices that the weak knights are guarding them. He pushed the knights behind him and sent him flying. After defeating the knights, Alfred said that they would save Marius.

Alfred took the keys and opened the handcuffs in his and Danio’s hands. One of the knights arrived at the Tower of Justice. He saw that the two of them were running away and chasing them. Meanwhile Didier frees Marius from the chains but he wonders if he’s up to something. He tells her he apologized on behalf of his men for their barbaric treatment. Didier revealed that Ecclesiastical knights were useful pawns.


Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

However, because of their deep convictions, they tend to be a bit fanatical. Didier reveals that he was unable to recognize Marius as Princess Mariell. Marius replied that Didier was the traitor who destroyed the kingdom. Didier reveals that King Charlot had imposed a severe sentence for the witch who tried to overthrow the kingdom. Marius responds that Pope is feeding Charlot bad ideas. Didier reveals that Charlotte has decided to kill Marius.

Didier swore that he had decided not to let Marius die before he found out the truth. He pointed at Marius ‘head and released a spell that pointed out Marius’ past. In his past, he saw his mother dying in front of him. After a few days, Marius visited a room when he discovered that his father did something with his mother’s corpse. Didier informed him that he was performing a spell that would recall Marius’s mother’s soul.

Marius comments that when people die, they won’t come back. Didier revealed that it was a prayer that would call the queen down from Heaven. Returning to the present, Didier reveals that Marius’s memories of that day have been erased. Didier takes Marius to the place of execution, but Alfred, Danios, Maurice appear at the execution site. They started fighting with the knights and executioners.

They were defeated, and Didier noticed that and used a disappearing spell to escape. Alfred managed to free Marius from the place of execution. Marius shed tears about why they came and saved him since he was ready to die. His death will solve the problem and bring peace to the kingdom. Alfred consoles her and tells her that it doesn’t matter who Marius is.

Hortensia Saga Episode 9 Preview

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