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This was the day of the New Era of Sacred Nonnoria forgetting to order enough medicinal herbs. One of the parents reveals that he has some herbs somewhere. Butin from Cocon village who reportedly turned into a ghost town. Danios heard the old man talking about Cocon village, and he asked about it. He reveals that Cocon village did trade with his village at one time. They supply more than half of the medicine for Hortensia.

Danios couldn’t believe that Cocon village had recently become a ghost town. Alfred commented that this would disturb the lives of his people. He asked his parents to help him, and he would arrange money to buy herbs. Alfred wanted to make sure that Albertarenot’s men put it out. The old man commented that he would help because Mr. Albert had been good to him for two generations. He said he would see what to do.

Hortensia Saga Episode 8 will be released on Thursday, 18 February 2021 JST. You can check out this anime AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s see what will happen to Cocon Village below.

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Previous Hortensia Saga Episode 7

The old lady from the village praises Alfred and comments that it’s Fernando’s son for them. Danios thinks something is going on in Cocon village. Nonnoria managed to buy four types of medicinal plants. He was worried that they would run out in no time. Danios returns and tells Nonnorai that he is going to Cocon village. Nonnoria commented that she thought the village was deserted.

Cocon Village

Danios replied that it was just a rumor that he would go and find out. He said that he would also buy some medicinal herbs when he got there. Alfred and Marius arrive, and Alfred says he will come with him. Danios thought he would manage on his own. Alfred said he was doing it for the benefit of the community, and he was concerned about Cocon Village. Marius commented that it was too strange that the entire village had suddenly become deserted.

Nonnoria worries that she never goes out with them. But Alfred fears for his safety because it will be a long journey. The next day they left and reached near the mountains where the village of Cocon was. They decided to go on foot, and Danios was worried if the rumors about the village were true. When they were about to reach the entrance, they saw the Ecclesiascal Knights.

They blocked the entrance, and no one was allowed to get through. One of the villagers who tried to pass was told to return. The Knights reveal that Cocon village is deserted due to flooding. The knights said it was too dangerous for humans, and no one was allowed to pass. Old man asks where he will get medicinal herbs. They told him he would return empty-handed.

The old man was worried that the lives of the villagers were at stake, and most of them suffered from illnesses. But grandfather decided to return to the village. Alfred and the others are hiding nearby. Danios realizes there is another secret entrance that he knows about. Danios orders Alfred and Marius to follow him, and Alfred thinks he’s kidding. He commented that he used to trade with the Cocon village; he knows things.

Former Priest

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Danios reveals many shortcuts in Cocon Village. They followed him, and he seemed lost, and Marius asked him if he was sure about this. Danios manages to find a way in, and they find that everything is a lie. There were no floods in the village, and everything was going well; the village wasn’t even deserted. Danios asked one of the residents about the status of his village. He revealed what happened two years ago.

Several Ecclesiastical Knights appeared in Cocon Village suddenly and took over the village. They showed notice that they were placing villages and churches under the control of the Orthodox Church. They set up checkpoints at the entrance to the village and finally locked everything completely. One of the strongmen appeared. He asked Alfred and the others if they were against the Orthodox Church. The man reveals that he is Adel, a former pastor.

Marius thought that Adel was trying to trick them into believing him. Adele reveals her life and why she became a former priest, and she atoned for her sins. He told them what the Orthodox Church was doing in the village. Danios and the others decide to save the village; they are at war with the Pope and the authorities. But Didier caught them after defeating them. He held Marius in the air with his neck.

Hortensia Saga Episode 8 Preview

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